Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Lifetime Complementary Card 2
Chapter 142: Lifetime Complementary Card (2)
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It was already 8:10 pm when Song Qingchun arrived at Golden Corner. It was Su Zhinian's secretary who had made the booking. She received a message containing the room number that afternoon.

It had been at least three months since Song Qingchun had been to Golden Corner. She had the impression that she had gone to the wrong place when she stepped into the lobby.

Golden Corner had been renovated; its previous luxurious dcor had already been impressive, but now it was even more so.

After Song Qingchun gave the room number at the front desk, the waiter led her upstairs politely.

The room Su Zhinian booked had an elegant name; it was called the 'Orchid Pagoda'. Perhaps to enhance its namesake, two pots of real orchids were placed at the entrance. Golden Corner was indeed an upscale place because they must have spent a lot to ensure the orchids were in bloom in the dead of winter.

The server left Song Qingchun at the door. Song Qingchun pushed the door open and stepped in. Su Zhinian, who was wearing a white shirt, was already seated at the wooden carved chair and was in the middle of a phone call.

The heater in the room was a bit strong, so a thin sheen of sweat had formed on Song Qingchun's forehead even though she had only been in the room for a minute. She removed her coat and pulled out the heavy wooden chair across from Su Zhinian and sat in it.

Su Zhinian had probably been there for quite some time; the tea on the table had already lost its steam.

When she sat down, he glanced at her before turning back to focus on his call. Song Qingchun could pick out the various business terms he used in the conversation.

When she was in university, Song Menghwa had stated his wish for her to study business management so she could help Song Cheng manage Song Empire after she graduated. However, as hard as she tried, she could not get interested in that business stuff; she would feel light-headed whenever she heard terms like percentage, profit, income, deficit.

Thankfully, even though Su Zhinian was rather cold in his speech, his tone was nice to the ears. Song Qingchun sat there, quietly listening to him for a while before turning to look out the window.

The lights in the room were so bright that the window had become a mirror. Through it, Song Qingchun could study Su Zhinian's expression closely.

An aquiline nose, fine eyes, his hair cut in a short and stylish manner. For that night, his hair was pushed back with hair gel to reveal his forehead. The yellow lights in the room had a softening effect; when they hit his body, it looked like he had been airbrushed like a painting.

Thankfully, he did not decide to venture into the entertainment world or else he would have easily replaced most of the famous young male stars While Song Qingchun was lost in her thoughts, Su Zhinian suddenly extended his tapered finger to knock on the space before her.

Song Qingchun quickly pulled her gaze back and realized Su Zhinian was pushing the menu toward her. He waved at it, signaling her to order. Then, he retracted his gaze and continued his conversation on the phone like she was not even there.

They planned to start the dinner at 7 pm, and it was already 8 pm. Song Qingchun was hungry; however, when she flipped open the menu and looked at the price tag, she could feel her hunger dissipate. She cursed internally.

F*ck, why would the price increase for 30 percent after a renovation?

Song Qingchun surreptitiously reached for her wallet and closed the menu.

She decided not to order anything; she would just have whatever Su Zhinian ordered. After all, one person was going to order less than two people ordering, right? She needed to skimp wherever she could