Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Lifetime Complementary Card 3
Chapter 143: Lifetime Complementary Card (3)
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Song Qingchun waited until Su Zhinian hung up the phone, and when he did, she pushed the menu back to him, adding, "Mr. Su, it was me who invited you to dinner, so you should be the one ordering."

Su Zhinian studied Song Qingchun for a while. He did not reject the offer. He called the waiter and flipped the menu open to study it slowly.

Song Qingchun might have looked calm on the surface and acted like she did not mind what Su Zhinian ordered, but her gaze had been following the menu in Su Zhinian's hands.

She was so caught up in this that she did not realize that, under the table, her leg had brushed up against his feet.

Through the contact, Su Zhinian managed to read her thoughts. He is not going to order lobster, is he? Even though I do wish for a lobster, it's so expensive Good, good, he's flipping over to the next page

Before Song Qingchun could sigh in relief, Su Zhinian turned the page back, pointed at the lobster, and told the waiter standing beside him softly, "Two orders of this, please."

Song Qingchun's eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. After a half-minute pause, her inner monologue started raging. F*ck my life

Before Song Qingchun could finish cursing, Su Zhinian, who was reading her thoughts, lifted his head up lightly to look at Song Qingchun and asked purposefully, "That's alright with you, yes?"

Song Qingchun offered up a smile and shook her head gently. She replied in a generous manner, "Of course, Mr. Su, do order anything you like, I don't mind it at all."

However, internally, she was hissing violently. Is that alright with me? What do you think, Maniac Su! I did tell you to order, but did you need to order two? Have you lost your mind? Take pity on my wallet.

Su Zhinian tried his hardest to suppress the smile that was threatening to appear on his face and nodded at Song Qingchun. Then, he really tried to 'order anything that he liked'. "This, this, and this, add this as well"

Can you even finish all that? Are you a pig! How can you eat so much? You're still ordering Stop it already

Song Qingchun's angry roars slowly petered into lamentations when she realized Su Zhinian showed no intention of slowing down any time soon. His finger that hovered over the menu kept pointing. Right then, Song Qingchun could feel her heart breaking What to do? God, I feel like crying. Did I lose my mind that day? Why would I invite Maniac Su to a meal? Maniac Su is truly a maniac; he has ordered almost everything on the menu; is this how a rich man eats? God, I'm tired. From today onwards, I swear to not come to Golden Corner, this godforsaken place, ever again

Just as Song Qingchun thought it could not be worse, Su Zhinian ordered an 82-year Lafite from the wine list.

Song Qingchun could feel the smile on her face going sour. This was the first time she had felt that life was pulling a cruel prank on her.

Her heart was in pieces, and she had lost even the stamina to mock Su Zhinian. She just wanted to crawl into a hole alone and cry herself to sleep. However, she couldn't. She knew she had to face the bill that would arrive after the dinner. There were still twenty days until her salary day, but even so, she would soon be in a sea of debt

Song Qingchun really wanted to cry, but on the surface, she piled on the smiles. When the Lafite arrived, she even stood up to pour a glass for Su Zhinian. She then toasted him and officially thanked Su Zhinian for his aid.

Song Qingchun despised herself for how fake she was acting. She desperately wanted to kick Su Zhinian, but she still helped him to the dishes with a face full of smiles.