Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Lifetime Complementary Card 4
Chapter 144: Lifetime Complementary Card (4)
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After all, what's done is done. Song Qingchun chose to surrender to her fate and just enjoy the scrumptious Christmas dinner for now.

There was reason Golden Corner charged an astronomical price for their food; the chef's work was flawless.

Song Qingchun was one of those girls who had enhanced metabolism, so she would not gain a pound no matter how much food she shoveled down her gullet. That night, she did shovel plenty of food into her stomach.

After all, delicious food was one of the best consolations when one was feeling down. Song Qingchun's heart that had been shattered by Su Zhinian was slowly pieced together during the meal, but before it could completely recover itself, the bad news came in the form of a bill.

Song Qingchun waited for the waiter to come with the bill and mentally calculated the price of the dinner they just had. Then, she worried whether she had enough cash on her or not. If not, she would need to get a loan from a friend or something.

The waiter soon returned with the bill. He stood before the table with a polite smile and asked in a whisper, "I'm sorry, but who should I give the bill to?"

Song Qingchun desperately wished for Su Zhinian to volunteer, but before he had a chance to do that, Song Qingchun herself grabbed for the bill and said, "I will."

Song Qingchun lowered her head to look at the price, one, two, three, four When Song Qingchun calculated to the last number, her hand shook violently. The dinner was six figures! The bottle of wine alone cost half of the total. Her bank was going to be dry!

Song Qingchun consoled her bleeding heart and smiled thinly at the waiter. Then, she reached into the bag to search for her credit card. Just as she handed her credit card over to the waiter with a shaking hand, the waiter passed her a scratch card in return, saying, "Miss, on account of it being Christmas, our establishment is holding a special event. Everyone who dines at our place tonight will have the chance to join the lucky draw. There is only one special prize, and it's a lifetime complementary card. Why don't you try your luck at the lucky draw first before paying?"

Song Qingchun had never been lucky with this kind of scratch card lucky draw. All her life, she had never won any kind of luck-based contest.

No, wait, she had won a stick of bubble-gum once, but even then, Song Cheng stole it from her, so that didn't count.

Song Qingchun's first instinct was to give up on the scratch card, but at the same time, she had to try anything she could. Therefore, she accepted the card from the waiter and set it on the table. She pulled out a coin from her bag and scratched at the card.

Song Qingchun was anticipating a 'Thank you for your participation', so she did not even glance at the prize it revealed before passing it back to the waiter. As the waiter accepted it, Song Qingchun took a glance at it. She blinked multiple times when she saw the word on it. She rubbed her eyes, and her gaze zeroed in on the prize. With a shaking hand, she pushed the card to the waiter and asked, "Can you please tell me what prize I have won?"

The waiter titled his head to look at the prize. Then he used a gaze that was both envious and excited to congratulate Song Qingchun. "Congratulations, miss, you are so lucky to have won the special prize! You are our only customer who will have a lifetime complementary card. I will deliver the card later, and in the future, all your meals here at Golden Corner will be free when you show us the card"