Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Lifetime Complementary Card 5
Chapter 145: Lifetime Complementary Card (5)
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After Song Qingchun heard the waiter, she took the card back and stared at the word 'special prize' on it for quite some time before she could believe she had actually won the special prize.

Her hand that held the card was shaking slightly from sheer excitement. She whipped her head around to look at Su Zhinian; the light in her eyes was blinding. "Su Zhinian, you hear that? I've won the special prize!"

Su Zhinian Ever since she asked for him to take over Song Empire, and he retorted by saying, "Miss, am I that close to you that you can refer to me by my name?" From that moment onwards, she had switched to calling him "CEO Su" or "Mr. Su".

She was very good at maintaining her distance from him. Even though he knew she had accidentally called him by his name due to overwhelming joy, he could not help himself from shuddering all over when he heard the words 'Su Zhinian' come out of her mouth.

Song Qingchun was too excited to realize her slip of the tongue and Su Zhinian's curious reaction.

Then again, how could she not be excited?

She had probably exhausted all the luck she would have throughout her life in that one night.

When she received the handsomely crafted black lifetime complementary card from the waiter, she even waved it in front of Su Zhinian several times to gloat. Song Qingchun, who had still been crying over the bill several minutes ago, opened her mouth to announce generously, for real this time, "Have you had your fill? If not enough, order some more, I'll be paying!"

After dinner, Song Qingchun went to use the bathroom while Su Zhinian excused himself to go to the underground parking lot to fetch his car.

Due to her lucky win, Song Qingchun was exceptionally happy that night; she was humming all the way to the bathroom.

When she pulled open the toilet cubicle's door, she could hear the sound of vomit from the sink. Song Qingchun saw a familiar figure collapsed on the golden sink, vomiting all over the place.

Even without looking at his face, just from his back alone, Song Qingchun could tell this was Qin Yinan.

Qin Yinan had gone for a business meeting with one of his clients at Golden Corner that night.

When he arrived, the client wasn't there yet, so he had stood at the entrance, waiting for him to arrive. Before he could spot his client, he spotted Tang Nuan instead.

He had pursued Tang Nuan for many years, and even though she had never promised to be his girlfriend, through the many years, they'd had their fair share of arguments.

No matter the size of the altercation, he would be the first to apologize.

When he first set his sight on Tang Nuan, he already knew about her many weaknesses. However, he did not think those took away from her allure. After all, a little irresponsibility, selfishness, and irrationality could add to a girl's charm.

Furthermore, when a man truly loved a woman, all those little weaknesses became strengths.

He knew Tang Nuan had an arrogant side to her and did not share a good relationship with other women. He had heard her complain about many other women before, but since he loved her, he had indulged her. He would listen to her complain with a smile and console her afterwards.

However, the thing she had done at the lakeside was unforgiveable. It had touched his bottom line. He treated Song Qingchun like his actual little sister; he would rather he himself suffer from the grievances than put Song Qingchun in an uncomfortable position.

When she just started school, Song Qingchun had often been bullied. Oftentimes, before her biological brother, Song Cheng would do anything, Qin Yinan, who normally had a gentle demeanor, would come out to fend for her.