Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Lifetime Complementary Card 6
Chapter 146: Lifetime Complementary Card (6)
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Therefore, after what had happened at City Clubhouse, he had never contacted Tang Nuan nor did she reach out to him. Therefore, the date they had planned for Christmas and Christmas Eve was naturally ruined and undone.

Tang Nuan descended from a red BMW. She was smartly dressed. The five-meter tall Christmas tree that had been prepared for the holiday glittered luxuriously with its yards of fairy lights. He noticed how Tang Nuan stood beside the car and smiled brilliantly at the person who came down from the passenger seat.

It was a man who looked to be almost in his fifties.

Tang Nuan and the middle-age man kept talking and laughing on their way to Golden Corner; it was when they passed through the entrance that she saw him.

Her gaze stopped on his face for less than a second, like he was a complete stranger, before she moved her eyes away. She then piled on her smiles to chat the man up and brushed past him.

It was not until she had walked quite a distance away that he dared to turn around to sneak a look at her. The middle-age man extended his hand to 'accidentally' brush up against her waist, but Tang Nuan did not skirt away or tell him off.

The window of his room faced the first floor's lobby, and he was given the complete view of her during dinner.

The middle-age man kept pushing her alcohol, and Tang Nuan did not reject it; she knocked them back one glass after another and practically allowed herself to be touched all over by the man.

If this was before, he probably would have rushed downstairs and directly pulled her away. However, this time, he did not do anything. Regardless, his originally fine mood was ruined completely after witnessing all of that. He had forgotten all the proposals he had prepared for the client and angered the client so badly with his unpreparedness and distraction that the client left angrily, leaving him behind alone to deal with a failed meeting and a table full of alcohol.

When he downed the last of the bottle, Qin Yinan could feel nothing but a burning feeling at the bottom of his stomach. He vomited for a long time, lying prone on the sink until he felt like the entire content of his stomach had been emptied. It was then that he heard a soft voice coming from behind him. "Brother Yinan?"

Qin Yinan took at least five minutes before the situation registered in his mind. He stood up slowly to look at the mirror before him to identify the person behind him. He stared at the reflection in the mirror for a long time, but he could not tell who it was. He turned around slowly and prepared to leave. However, before he could even take the first step, he fell face-first to the floor.

Song Qingchun rushed forward to catch Qin Yinan, and the stench of alcohol assaulted her nose. She frowned subconsciously and asked, "Brother Yinan, why did you drink so much tonight?"

"Who are you" Qin Yinan asked in a slurred voice, but before he could finish the rest of the sentence, he resumed vomiting.

There was nothing left in his stomach except acid, so he coughed up dry hacks and bile.

After Qin Yinan finished vomiting, he collapsed weakly on Song Qingchun's shoulder. His eyes were closed, and his breathing was steady, albeit weak.

He could not return alone in such condition, and she couldn't just leave him there like that

After some thought, Song Qingchun pulled out her phone and gave Su Zhinian a call.

Su Zhinian parked his car by Golden Corner's entrance. While he waited for Song Qingchun, his gaze occasionally fell on the present box that was sitting on the passenger seat.