Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Lifetime Complementary Card 8
Chapter 148: Lifetime Complementary Card (8)
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Qin Yinan probably tripped on something inside the house because Song Qingchun yelped, "Brother Yinan, careful!"

Then there was the sound of shuffling footsteps, the sound of a door being opened, and the sound of a bed taking the full weight of a grown man. Finally, there was the sound of a long sigh from Song Qingchun.

Even though he could not see into Qin Yinan's house, he could visualize the scenario from various audio cues. Song Qingchun probably helped Qin Yinan with his shoes and covered him with the duvet before going into the bathroom to retrieve a wet towel to wash and clean his face.

Qin Yinan woke up in the middle from the coughing that he heard. The man mumbled, "Thirsty", and then there was the sound of Song Qingchun trotting out of the bedroom and water pouring. When Song Qingchun returned to his bedroom, she said in a patient and kind voice, "Brother Yinan, water."

After helping Qin Yinan with the glass of water, Song Qingchun seemed to have returned to the kitchen because Su Zhinian heard something like a juicer being operated. Then she returned to the bedroom. "Brother Yinan, how about a glass of watermelon juice? I hear it's very good to help with hangovers."

Qin Yinan had woken up slightly probably from consuming the water and watermelon juice. He croaked, "Song Song."

After a short pause, he added, "Sorry for troubling you."

"Brother Yinan, is there a need for that between us?" He could hear the smile in Song Qingchun's words. "Brother Yinan, you must not be feeling so well from the hangover. Quickly go back to sleep, I will help you cook some porridge. Remember to have some tomorrow morning or your stomach will ache for the rest of the day."

Qin Yinan mumbled an acknowledgement. Song Qingchun then stepped out of the room, a few steps later, she stopped. "Brother Yinan, I also placed a glass of water by your bed. I'm worried you'll be thirsty in the middle of the night, so remember to reach for it if you need it."

"That's enough, Song Song. I've drunk too much, but I'm not completely useless." Qin Yinan might sound like he was complaining, but there was humor in his tone.

Song Qingchun chuckled. Su Zhinian then heard the sound of a switch being turned off, and the sound of door closing. Then, it was the sound of washing pots and rice Qin Yinan's mumbling voice said, "Song Song, I want to have pumpkin porridge."

"I know, Brother Yinan"

Su Zhinian turned and got back into his car before Song Qingchun finished the rest of her reply. He slammed on the pedal before even putting on seatbelt. He should not have followed them. In her heart, of course, Qin Yinan was more important.

Her concern for Qin Yinan came from her heart, while her concern for him was because of a contract.

Even though he could return home daily to have her home-cooked meal, he knew deep down that the reason she even knew how to cook was because she wanted to learn how to cook so that she was qualified to be Qin Yinan's wife. Her most successful dish was pumpkin porridge because that was Qin Yinan's favorite food.

Su Zhinian's knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel too tightly.

Actually, he was really happy. Since he could not openly help her pay the bill, he had personally contacted Golden Corner's boss to design this lucky draw activity for her.

He would pay for this meal and every meal in the future because didn't she say that she liked the food at Golden Corner?