Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 15

Chapter 15: His Three Secrets 5
Chapter 15: His Three Secrets (5)
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Su Zhinian glanced at Tang Nuo before picking up the folder. Su Zhinian slid the files inside out of the folder, and when he saw the words 'Song Empire' on the cover, his face shifted.

Tang Nuo yawned lazily on the sofa and picked up an apple from the coffee table without asking and took a generous bite out of it. Then he asked, "Well, aren't you touched?"

Su Zhinian did not answer but continue to study the files.

Tang Nuo continued his self-flattery, "Because I know you will definitely agree to any demands from Song Qingchun, so I compiled all the information about Song Empire before you even asked. Clever, ain't I"

Tang Nuo did not realize the shift in Su Zhinian's expression and continued fearlessly, "I might not know what you're thinking about other things, but you can never hide anything from me when it concerns Song Qingchun After all, until now, Song Qingchun is the only woman who managed to walk into and made an impact in Su Zhinian's world"

"Hey, what are you doing" Tang Nuo suddenly jumped from the sofa when he caught sight of Su Zhinian, who had wandered to the shredder and was feeding his files into it. He rushed as he yelled, "Su Zhinian, I used one whole night to help you compile those and you're shredding them without even taking a look at them? Do you know how many brain cells I wasted to"

Su Zhinian ignored Tang Nuo's cries of distress and continued feeding his files one by one into the shredder. Not until the files brought by Tang Nuo were paper scraps did Su Zhinian open his mouth to say, "If there's nothing else, you can leave now."

Tang Nuo looked at the pile of paper shreds and then at Su Zhinian. Then, comprehension dawned, and he gasped, "Su Zhinian, you did not agree to Song Qingchun's request to take over Song Empire?"

Su Zhinian grumbled a non-committal yes.

"Did you know Song Cheng killed himself? Her father is in the hospital? She is not a business major and Song Empire is going bankrupt because it does not have a head?"

Su Zhinian did not respond but used his mouse to close the computer. Facing Su Zhinian's silence, Tang Nuo continued, "Regardless you two can be considered friends, are you really going to ignore her plea for help?"

After closing his computer, Su Zhinian stood up and carried his coat with him.

"Are you really not planning to help Song Qingchun, to help Song Empire?"

The hand that went for his car key stopped in mid-air and Su Zhinian turned to face Tang Nuo. In a frank tone, he nodded and said, "Yes, I am not planning to help Song Qingchun and Song Empire."

"Just what exactly happened for you to be so cruel toward her?" Tang Nuo powered on and added after a pause, "Also, five years ago, if the rumors were true, you spent a night with her, right? Then, you moved out of the Song family's residence without a word, so really, what occurred between the two of you back then?"

Tang Nuo had more questions in his mind, but he cleverly zipped his mouth shut when he saw the expression on Su Zhinian's face. He retreated quickly towards the office door and said, "I just remembered, I still have things to attend to, I will see you next time"

Then, Tang Nuo pulled open the door and left.

About ten seconds later, the door was again pushed open and Tang Nuo poked his head in to add, "Right, I forgot to tell you this"