Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Sincerity Is Just Next To Misery 5
Chapter 155: Sincerity Is Just Next to Misery (5)
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The only reason she had sent Big Boss home was so that he could talk the conflict out, which would be easier with a present, wouldn't it?

When she reached Su Zhinian's residential area, just as she was going to take a final turn, she spotted a familiar shadow standing under a street light. Cheng Qingchong immediately turned the steering wheel around to move toward it.

It was not until she was close that Cheng Qingchong realized it was really Su Zhinian.

The man held a half empty water bottle in his hand, leaning against the street light. Perhaps it was discomfort of the light, his eyes were closed, and the light from the street lamp fell quietly on him. His perfect features were given an ethereal quality, but in his expression, she once again caught the heavy sadness that could not be dissolved.

Cheng Qingchong stepped on the brake with a face full of shock. Didn't I drop Big Boss home? Why is he here alone? Furthermore, his ears are red from frostbite; he must have been outside for a long time. Could it be that he was chased out by "the person in his memory"?

Cheng Qingchong got out the car to get to the passenger seat to retrieve the 'crown jewel' to hand it over to Su Zhinian. Su Zhinian, who heard the commotion, slowly peeled his eyelids open. When he saw her, his brows furrowed as if asking why she was there.

Cheng Qingchong explained in a hurry, "CEO Su, I noticed your stuff that was left in the car, so I turned back to give it to you."

Then, Cheng Qingchong opened the passenger door. However, before she could reach for the wrapped present, Su Zhinian had already dropped the water bottle in a nearby trashcan, pulled open the backdoor, and climbed into the car. He ordered in a monotonous manner, "Take me to the company."

Cheng Qingchong paused for a moment before she turned to look at Su Zhinian. The iciness in his eyes signaled the state of his mood.

She kept her opinions to herself and her lips moved to reply, "Yes".

She withdrew her hand that was reaching for the wrapped present.

The car stopped at the company entrance. Cheng Qingchong turned around to say softly, "CEO Su, we're here."

Su Zhinian retracted his gaze that was looking out the car window and nodded slightly before he pushed open the car door to step out.

Cheng Qingchong stared at her Big Boss' shadow as he wandered into the company. After a short moment of hesitation, she rolled down the car window to call him. "CEO Su."

Su Zhinian stopped and turned to look at her, but he did not speak.

Cheng Qingchong undid her seatbelt and picked up the wrapped present on the passenger seat. She rushed out of the car and passed it to Su Zhinian. "CEO Su, your thing."

Su Zhinian looked at the present for a while before he extended his hands to accept it. He turned to walk toward the door. When he was reaching the revolving door, Su Zhinian suddenly stopped like he had just remembered something. He turned to call after Cheng Qingchong, who was getting into the car, "Cheng Qingchong"

Cheng Qingchong looked up and asked, "CEO Su, do you have any other orders?"

"Help me order a cell phone, a model that is famous among female users" Su Zhinian suddenly stopped mid-sentence. Then, he continued, "Never mind, forget it"

With a self-deprecating tone like he had said something he shouldn't have, he muttered under his breath, "She wouldn't want anything from me anyway"