Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 16

Chapter 16: His Three Secrets 6
Chapter 16: His Three Secrets (6)
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"Before I got up, I saw Song Qingchun down at your company's entrance, she should be waiting for you Also, today's temperature is a record low, and if I'm not mistaken, she is not wearing many layers"

That was all Tang Nuo said before closing the office door and left.

A long time after Tang Nuo left, Su Zhinian retrieved his car keys and left his office. He went to the underground parking to fetch his car and was on his way to his lunch meeting at 'Spices Garden'. He just drove out of the underground parking and stopped by the road side. Su Zhinian took out his phone to call CEO Zhang, who he had the lunch meeting with, apologized, and went the other way toward his company's entrance.

It was as Tang Nuo said, Song Qingchun was there on the street opposite from the entrance. Probably due to his earlier warning to the guards, no one dared to allow her into the heated lobby.

It was indeed a cold day, and she only had on a thin jacket with no gloves or hat. She had probably waited for too long, so she had escaped into the telephone booth not far away from his company's entrance to seek warmth. However, her eyes were glued to the entrance as if worried that she might miss the person she was waiting for.

Suddenly, she probably received a phone call because she retrieved her phone from her jacket pocket. Probably due to prolonged exposure to the frozen weather, the phone slipped from her hand and dropped to the ground. She bent over hurriedly to pick it up, finally after a few trials, she managed to grab hold of her phone and answer the call.

"Hello? Big Sister Su Zhinian has not agreed yet Don't worry, I will definitely get him to agree to help Song Empire"

She hung up soon after and he could hear the heavy sigh that followed it. Even though they were a wide street apart and there was heavy traffic going both ways, he could still clearly hear the content of her phone conversation.

Yes, he could hear her. This was his very own secret.

He found out about this secret when he was still very young. His hearing was much more sensitive than normal people. He could still hear voices and sound clearly even though the source was from very far away.

Not only that, he could even read other people's inner thoughts through physical contact.

This was his personal secret because when he was very young and first discovered this power, he told others, but no one believed him. Even his mother suspected him of suffering from mental illness, almost sending him to the sanatorium. He learnt his lesson, and he did not dare to bring this up before others anymore. As he grew up, he knew this inexplicable superpower that came with his birth was an object of fear and suspicion for others, and thus, it became his own private secret.

Actually, even he could not explain why he had such superpower. He was just as normal as everyone else, he would get sick, grow old, have emotions, and die

In any case, there was more than this one secret locked within him that was unknown by others. There were in total three of them.