Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 164

Chapter 164: I Will Not Touch You Again 4
Chapter 164: I Will Not Touch You Again (4)
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Before Su Zhinian continued to console her, he read the thoughts in the girl's heart and knew what kind of nightmare she was having. His fingers that was wiping her tears suddenly froze.

She was not dreaming; she was merely reliving her past.

She was remembering about five years ago, the night he was drunk and raped her Her heart was filled with fear, despair, and anxiety.

She was still recovering from her dream, her breaths came fast and quick, her body was shaking greatly, and the mattress was rumpled in her grip.

Su Zhinian's finger that was inches from her face was shaking greatly. He wished to hug her, to give her some physical comfort, but in the end, he pulled his finger away from her face and his arm away from her shoulder as he slowly and gently placed her back on the bed.

Earlier, she had been wearing a turtleneck sweater to cover every inch of her body, but now, in her pajamas that showed her chest and neck, Su Zhinian could see the bruises that covered her pearly skin.

His heart stopped when his gaze fell on the bruises that snaked around her two wrists. He was the one who had done this to her.

Actually, that afternoon, in the game room, when the Student Council President had spotted those wounds, he already knew what was going on.

That was because, in order to feed her the wins, his foot was lightly leaning against hers, to read her thoughts.

However, at the time, he did not see the situation with his own eyes. He merely knew from her heart that the wounds were caused by him when he forced himself on her. She was afraid others would find out, so she had hurriedly covered them with her sleeves and escaped from the scene.

Only then did he know how deep her fear toward him went. His mood fell to rock bottom, and he fabricated an excuse to leave.

Now, after he found out about the darkest thing that was hiding in her heart, he realized she was not only scared of him, she was deathly afraid of him.

Why would I have that dream? It hasn't returned for so many years already, so why would it reappear again? Is it because of what he did several days ago The situation was too similar, so you were reminded of it Song Qingchun, stop fixating on it, it's all over; everything's in the past. It has been several years already; it's time to get over it

Su Zhinian settled himself by the side of her bed, his arm still hanging limply on her shoulder. After Song Qingchun recovered from her nightmare, her thoughts streamed into his mind through their physical contact. They were like water rushing into his chest, slowly drowning his heart with sorrow and pain.

Song Qingchun sighed before she realized someone was sitting beside her. She immediately jumped with caution when she realized it was Su Zhinian. Why is he here? Could it be that

Su Zhinian did not wait for her thought to finish before standing up and dashing toward the bedroom door.

When he almost reached the threshold, he stopped. With his back against her, he slowly turned around. He took in the change from relief to fear on her face, and his heart was gutted. He bit his lips silently before opening his mouth to say, "Don't worry, I will not touch you."

A flash of sadness flickered across his intense eyes, and he repeated what he had just said in a soft and light tone.

"I promise, I will never touch you again"