Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 166

Chapter 166: I Will Not Touch You Again 6
Chapter 166: I Will Not Touch You Again (6)
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Without Su Zhinian in her bedroom, the air seemed much clearer and lighter. Song Qingchun's nerves that were stressed taut began to slowly relax as well.

She got off her bed and went into the bathroom to wash her face. Then, she returned to her bed. Suddenly, she stopped moving and stared at the spot where Su Zhinian had been standing.

He just mentioned that he would lay off the alcohol Just that afternoon, during the game, he had rejected the bottle of RIO passed to him by Tang Nuo. Tang Nuo had mumbled many things in reply, and one of them was

"Not even these? Su Zhinian, I know you're trying to stay off alcohol, but isn't this a bit too much? This is not much different from a fizzy drink. The alcohol content is barely discernible; it's not going to get you drunk"

After that, Tang Nuo had leaned toward the Student Council President and continued mocking Su Zhinian. "Who knows what has possessed the guy recently? Starting from last week, he suddenly said he was going to lay off the alcohol, but I have to say, the man's impressive. He indeed did not touch a drop of wine during a recent business meeting. No matter how drunk the room was, he was either nursing a glass of plain water or Chinese tea"

Song Qingchun's brows creased slightly. At the time, she did not make much out of it, but at that moment, for some reason, her brain decided to remind her of those words.

So, he wasn't just feeding her lies to comfort her. In fact, he had already started refraining from drinking before telling her about it. Didn't this mean that, before promising her that he would not touch her, he had already come to this decision on his own?

However, she remembered the implicit part of their contract was for her to trade her body in exchange for a revived Song Empire. Therefore, even if he did force himself on her, no matter how afraid or fearful she was, she could not blame it on him; she had literally signed her agreement to it.

So why would he promise her that he would not lay a finger on her?

When Su Zhinian said those words just now, she did not pay much attention to them, but now that she did, she realized it was full of curious loopholes.

He said that she would only be responsible for his living arrangements, but when he promised to take over Song Empire, he said he did not want anything but her one hundred days. However, now he had even promised to not touch her anymore While which party the earlier contract favored was up for debate, this new updated contract was definitely unfair to him.

After all, who in the world would waste so much money and energy just to hire a housekeeper?

Furthermore, that housekeeper had once pointed at his face asking him to get lost, as far away as he could!

The more Song Qingchun thought about it, the more confused she became. She lay in her bed, unable to fall back to sleep.

She tried closing her eyes to shut off the world, but when she did, her mind was filled with the image of Su Zhinian's eyes that looked at her before he left her bedroom. There were so many meanings in them that she could not understand.

When she met those eyes, she felt her heart skip a beat, and when she was reminiscing about that moment now, she could still her heart racing for some reason.

Song Qingchun did not want to fixate on that gaze, but she could not control herself. Surprising even herself, she felt her heart ache for that gaze.

Song Qingchun inhaled deeply twice and extended her palm to touch her heart. She realized her heart was beating very hard, and in its deepest corner, there was a section that felt weirdly hollow.