Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 167

Chapter 167: I Will Not Touch You Again 7
Chapter 167: I Will Not Touch You Again (7)
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He had said that he would no longer touch her; she should be happy, but but why was there an indescribable sadness stuck in her chest?

Actually, Song Qingchun had a hard time figuring just how her relationship to Su Zhinian had gotten closer. Before this, they were like oil and water, but for some reason, they had bonded. In fact, if not for that drunken night, she realized with a start they had been sharing a peaceful and friendly relationship.

Ever since Su Zhinian had said he would not touch her, he would still return home often but not as often as the period around Christmas. In other words, their relationship also did not return to the way it was prior to Christmas.

Song Qingchun herself could not describe her current relationship with Su Zhinian. They were not strangers as she would still share a few words with him whenever he returned from work, but they were not friends either because most of the words shared never went beyond the simple greetings or orders like her calling him for dinner or him asking her to brew some coffee for him.

They lived under the same roof and were physically close, but Song Qingchun felt they were worlds apart, like they were living in parallel universes, always aware of the other but their paths never crossing. Looking back, their friendly relationship before Christmas seemed just like a dream.

Su Zhinian spent most of his time at home, locked up in the study; he would only see Song Qingchun when he returned home and during dinner. The study was his lair, without his permission, she was not to enter.

Actually, when she first moved in with him, at night he used to spend a few hours watching the television in the living room or go for a jog in the gym. Song Qingchun would wait at his side to serve him.

After the many times he hid himself in the study after returning home, the girl knew he was making it so that he would not disturb her. This was his home, but he had given her most of the space.

Song Qingchun actually felt this was quite a relaxing arrangement. She and Su Zhinian would spend the remaining days of the contract in this suspended reality of sorts, and he would return to her a revived Song Empire. In fact, she felt like she should give him some of Song Empire's shares as sign of appreciation.

However, she did not realize that after two weeks of such an uninteresting life, she would have the closest contact with Su Zhinian in her life: she would come to share the same bed as him.

No, nothing happened between them that night, even though everything had already happened between them.

It was a weekend around the middle of January 2016, Song Qingchun did not think she would ever forget that day.

Many things happened that day, and she also found out the answer to a question that had eluded her for years. She made a decision, and of course, she shared a bed with Su Zhinian that night.

The weather that day was horrible; the haze was horrendous; the government had even issued a red warning.

Qin Yinan asked her out for lunch that day. Before she left home, she even took a special detour to the pharmacy to buy a mask to filter out the smog.

The lunch was scheduled for 12:30 pm, and Song Qingchun arrived ten minutes earlier. She had thought it would only be her and Qin Yinan, but to her surprise, there was a third guest.