Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 169

Chapter 169: I Will Not Touch You Again 9
Chapter 169: I Will Not Touch You Again (9)
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If Song Qingchun knew Tang Nuan, then Tang Nuan also knew Song Qingchun. Before Song Qingchun could say anything, Tang Nuan added in a tone that was as pitiable as possible, "Qingchun, actually, I have been trying to find an opportunity to apologize to you"

She had been trying to find an opportunity to apologize to her? The chances for that were plenty since they worked in the same building; they literally had to see each other multiple times in a day. This kind of bullsh*t could only be bought by someone blinded by love like Qin Yinan

"But I had no idea how to begin. I struggled for a long time before I contacted Yinan to have him ask you out for lunch on my behalf. Qingchun, I've thought about this for a long time; we have known each other since high-school, and you had been nothing but nice to me. You even volunteered to stay behind to let me escape during that incident with the ruffians. So, I really shouldn't have fought with you over the anchor-woman spot. Qingchun, I will not fight for the spot with you anymore. If you don't believe me, I am willing to quit TW Station"

So, there it was Song Qingchun was wondering how she had managed to fool Qin Yinan; it was through the intentional self-injury tactic of saying she would quit TW Station.

Song Qingchun knew that even if Tang Nuan broke up with Qin Yinan and cut all ties, Tang Nuan would not leave TW Station and give up being a thorn in Song Qingchun's side. Alas, Song Qingchun had no evidence to prove that.

Song Qingchun had truly miscalculated. She had been cornered by Tang Nuan. If she refused to accept her apology, then it seemed like the fault would fall on Song Qingchun.

Furthermore, Tang Nuan's purpose for jumping into the water was none other than the fact Tang Nuan had lost the biggest weapon against her because Song Qingchun had told her openly she was giving up on Brother Yinan. That was Tang Nuan's last resort, to make sure Song Qingchun would lose Qin Yinan even as a friend.

Alas, her plan backfired, and Tang Nuan had ended up ruining her relationship with Qin Yinan. So of course, the apology was insincere; the lunch was a Hongmen Banquet 1 .

Or else, why would she drag Qin Yinan to this lunch. This whole thing was a show for him as the audience. If Song Qingchun refused Tang Nuan's apology, then Qin Yinan would see how unreasonable she was and would probably come to Tang Nuan's aid

Song Qingchun acted dumb and smiled brightly. Then she added like she only then understood what they were talking about. "I've gone through my mind trying to figure out what Tang Nuan is talking about. That thing happened so long ago that I'd already forgotten about it. There was no harm done in the end, right? So why would I be angry?"

Tang Nuan had already dug such a huge hole for her, but what could she do but to jump headfirst into it? She had no option choice but to act generous. Song Qingchun was irked, but what else could she do; she had practically asked for it by assuming Tang Nuan would just back down after the incident by the lake.

When Qin Yinan saw this reaction from Song Qingchun, his expression conspicuously relaxed. "Song Song, it is wonderful that you are not angry. Actually, I was quite nervous when I called you out for this lunch; I was afraid that you might get angry at me."

So even though Brother Yinan likes Tang Nuan, I still hold a place in his heart? Or else, he wouldn't have worried that he might anger me

Song Qingchun subconsciously flicked her eyes to look at Tang Nuan. Song Qingchun saw the displeasure percolating in her eyes when Qin Yinan said those words.