Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 17

Chapter 17: His Three Secrets 7
Chapter 17: His Three Secrets (7)
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His second secret was along the same vein as his first, a type of superpower, but it was much more sinister and practical in nature. If he wanted, he could control anyone's mind to do certain things or say certain things.

However, the period of control would not last for very long, it was generally only a minute. The person who was controlled by him would have temporary amnesia after breaking free from his control. To put it simply, that controlled individual would not know or remember what happened during that one minute.

From the moment he realized he had this power until now, he had been careful in using it. In fact, he had definitely used it less than ten times. This was because in the period when he controlled others, if the person suffered physical injury, he would suffer the same injury on his own body. Other than that, he could not control people to hurt others. Similarly, if the person he controlled hurt others, he would suffer the similar injury as the ones inflicted.

His third secret had nothing to do with superpower but a person, and that person was

Suddenly, his phone rang and interrupted his train of thought. Su Zhinian frowned and pulled back from his reverie. He glanced at the caller ID and collected his emotions as he answered the call.

"CEO Su, CEO Lu, Mr. Lu Jinnian from Huan Ying Entertainment is here; he's waiting for you at the company."

"I understand," Su Zhinian replied mildly before hanging up. He did not start his car engine instantly but continued to study Song Qingchun who was still in the telephone booth across the street through his car window. After some time, he finally averted his gaze and drove away.

After the meeting in the caf on the company's ground floor came to a close, the people started to leave. In the end, only Su Zhinian and Tang Nuo remained.

Su Zhinian, who sat across from Tang Nuo, focused on reading the document in his hands. He would take occasional breaks in between reading to pick up the coffee from the table to take a sip.

"Here she is again" After Tang Nuo called the waiter for a refill, he looked out the window and mumbled thusly to himself. Su Zhinian knew who he was talking about without taking his eyes off the document. There was no visible change in his expression as he focused on his task at hand.

"I believe she has been camping that spot for at least three times already this week I remember catching her still standing there one night after a late overtime shift. That day my car was at the garage, even after I left with the taxi, she was still standing there unmoved."

Su Zhinian acted like the person mentioned by Tang Nuo had nothing to do with him, and he continued to flip through the document with indifference. Perhaps bored from his inability to get a rise out of Su Zhinian, Tang Nuo eventually went silent. However, after a while, he suddenly gasped. "It's snowing."

Su Zhinian's finger which was flipping through the page flinched slightly. His gaze was still glued to the document. Earlier, he used only one minute to finish reading the page's content, but this time he spent ten minutes staring at it, and not one word managed to register in his mind. Finally, he unwittingly lifted his head to take a glance out the window.

The snow was falling fast. It took barely a minute to cover the streets with a white layer.

Song Qingchun probably could not find a place to shelter from the snow, so she planted herself dumbly in the falling snow.