Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 170

Chapter 170: I Will Not Touch You Again 10
Chapter 170: I Will Not Touch You Again (10)
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Perhaps she also didn't expect Qin Yinan would be concerned about her feelings. Tang Nuan's displeasure greatly improved Song Qingchun's mood, even the smile on her face turned sincere. "Brother Yinan, I'm really fine with it."

"Good, good, then let's eat." Qin Yinan helped Song Qingchun to one of the dishes and only then moved to help Tang Nuan.

Even though Tang Nuan maintained the smile on her face, the displeasure at the bottom of her eyes only intensified. In contrast, Song Qingchun was feeling much better; the appetite that she had lost before had gradually returned.

Song Qingchun should have known that, based on Tang Nuan's personality, she would not allow herself to be treated as the second place for long. However, she did not expect Tang Nuan would expose a giant secret in the middle of lunch.

That secret answered a question that had been troubling Song Qingchun for a long time, and it made her blood boil with anger and grievances.

Tang Nuan began by saying, "Yinan."

In a friendly tone, she then asked, "Do you remember how we met?"

Qin Yinan nodded and answered after he swallowed the food in his mouth, "Of course I do."

"I remember it, too. So many years later, thinking about it, I still feel touched by it; it was so juvenile but pure." When Tang Nuan reached this part, a mist of gentleness appeared in her eyes.

Like she was speaking to a good friend, she then said, "Qingchun."

When Song Qingchun lifted her head, she continued by asking her, "Do you know how Yinan and I met?"

At the time, Song Qingchun thought Tang Nuan was rehashing her old tactic of using her history with Yinan to annoy her. Song Qingchun shook her head at Tang Nuan and looked down to continue her fight with the food, ignoring her.

Since the purpose of Tang Nuan was to gloat, of course, she would not stop simply because Song Qingchun responded with silence. If anything, she carried on rather passionately to detail the story of how she met Qin Yinan. "Yinan and myself, we met at our high-school library of all places, can you believe it? At the time, I was going through my poet phase. How I idolized the poems by Xu Zhimo 1 . I remember borrowing one of his books, and I would copy the paragraphs or stanzas that I liked. I even tried to mimic his writing style and wrote a poem. When I returned the book, I had forgotten completely about it and left the paper note with the poem inside the book"

Initially, Song Qingchun was mocking Tang Nuan for her stupidity; she had already told her she was no longer interested in Qin Yinan, so why was she still wasting her breath?

In truth, she had been trying hard to move Qin Yinan to the status of friend or elder brother in her heart. Initially, when she had to let him go, it had honestly been hard, but it had been more than a month, and the pain had dulled tremendously.

Time was truly the best medicine. One day, she believed she would be able to let go completely and would do nothing more than wryly smile when reminiscing about the years of her life she had spent chasing after a guy.

However, what Tang Nuan said next made Song Qingchun stop smiling and perk her ears up to listen.

"I remembered the dumb thing I had done one week later, so I ran back to the library to locate that book. To my surprise, I was unable to find the poem, but instead there was a new paper note in it"