Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 174

Chapter 174: The Most Silent Love 4
Chapter 174: The Most Silent Love (4)
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When Su Zhinian returned to the room, the client was forcing Cheng Qingchong to drink. When she saw him, she immediately sprung up from her seat like she had found her savior. "CEO Su, you"

The first thing Cheng Qingchong noticed was the small area of dampness around the left of Su Zhinian's chest. She assumed her boss had accidentally splashed water on himself in the bathroom. However, when she looked closer, the words that she had ready in her mouth suddenly stopped.

On top of the circle of wetness was a blob of blackness and a daub of light red.

When Su Zhinian got closer, Cheng Qingchong realized the blob of black was ruined mascara and the light red looked like smudged lipstick with a pearl shine.

Then this means that the wet circle is a woman's tears? Big Boss has a severe obsession with cleanlinessa special cleaning crew is hired to take care of the office every dayand he is very averse to female contact.

In Cheng Qingchong's memory, her boss would reject even a handshake from a female client, so why would he allow a woman to cry on his chest?

In this world, the only person who would have that special treatment is probably 'the person hiding in his memory', right? So, that means, this girl is also at this restaurant?

Even though Cheng Qingchong had never entertained the thought of having Su Zhinian, she was still interested in this person whom she had a crush on.

Song Qingchun remembered clearly that she was squatting on the floor crying, leaning against the door, so why would she be standing in the next second?

Furthermore, the tears on her face had disappeared like they were gently wiped away. In fact, she could feel a lingering warmth on her skin.

Song Qingchun scanned the toilet curiously and confirmed she was still alone. The door was locked, and it did not appear like anyone had come in. Song Qingchun frowned deeply and scratched her chin. For some reason, she felt she was missing a part of her memory.

She had experienced this sensation several times before. Whenever she was crying at her saddest moments, she would suddenly lose her memory. Song Qingchun had once brought this up with Song Cheng, but her brother had refused to believe her, saying it was because her tears had soaked into her brain, confusing it.

Song Cheng was obviously spouting nonsense, but Song Qingchun had no better explanation other than her memory deteriorating as she grew older.

However, this had happened more than once or twice Song Qingchun's brows were creased, and a thought slowly bubbled within her heart: could it be that she suffered from temporary memory loss? Then again, that wouldn't explain why it only happened when she was at her saddest

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, her phone rang. It was from Qin Yinan. He was concerned about her since she was taking so long. After she replied that she would be back in a bit, she hung up the phone.

The devastated Song Qingchun was distracted by the sudden 'memory loss', so she did not feel as bad as before. She fixed herself in the mirror by washing away the ruined make-up. She took a deep breath and exited the bathroom after waiting for the red in her eyes to slightly dim.