Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 176

Chapter 176: The Most Silent Love 6
Chapter 176: The Most Silent Love (6)
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Seeing as Song Qingchun still did not rise to the bait, Tang Nuan did not hurry; instead, she blinked and tilted her head to the side as if deep in thought and started talking to herself. "That reminds me, I do wish to see Qin Yinan's face when he realizes the truth"

Song Qingchun's finger shivered, and she whipped her head around to glare at Tang Nuan. "Tang Nuan, how long do you wish to continue this atrocity? Aren't you afraid of karma from doing so many awful things? If you hate me so much then come after me, why do you have to rope Brother Yinan in every time?"

Tang Nuan shrugged lazily at the accusation. She half-leaned on the partition and smiled at Song Qingchun. "Why, do you feel bad for him? Didn't you say you have given up on him? If that's true, then it should be none of your business how I treat Qin Yinan. Or were you lying to me and you still cannot give up Qin Yinan?"

Song Qingchun sighed and turned back to study the plant. She regretted answering Tang Nuan and allowing this to continue.

"Song Qingchun, I'll be honest, the only reason I so kindly revealed the story of how I, quote-unquote, met Qin Yinan was to let you know how close you were to winning your dream guy, Qin Yinan, and how he was ultimately stolen by me, Tang Nuan, at the very last minute, just like how my happiness" Tang Nuan's coquettish eyes were shining with a complicated glow, and her gaze that fell on Song Qingchun turned cold and wintry.

If not for her, perhaps the man that she loved would not be so cruel to her. Even though years had passed, her right cheek would still occasionally burn with pain, a pain that seared right into her bones.

Tang Nuan took a deep breath and changed the topic. "However, Song Qingchun, even if you know it was me who replaced you, what does that change? Perhaps in the beginning, it was because of your notes that he fell in love with me, but that was just an opening, a bridge you could say, the person he treasured the most in his heart is still me and not you.

"How else would you explain his willingness to forgive me after the incident at City Clubhouse? He knew I purposely jumped into the lake to frame you and almost sent you to jail and ruin your future. Yes, he was very angry at the time, but that day, I merely faked spraining my ankle before him, and he could not stop himself from rushing over to help me. In the end, he chose to forgive me"

Tang Nuan was not lying, but she did suffer from the sin of omission. Of course, she would not bring up those details; they would undermine her intention to hurt Song Qingchun.

Actually, Qin Yinan did come over to help her when she fell, but his face was cold. It was she who used the opportunity to fall into his embrace and apologize to him, telling him how sorry she was as she pulled out the letter of resignation from her bag.

Tang Nuan saw Song Qingchun's palms grip into fists, and her lips curled into a satisfied smile. Even her tone was laced with snarky glee as she said, "Therefore, it looks like you are not that important to him after all."

"Tang Nuan, whether Brother Yinan cares for me or not, I can use my own eyes and heart to observe, there is no need for you to waste your breath trying to put a wedge between us." Song Qingchun straightened up and walked away without glancing at Tang Nuan.

Before she moved away, Tang Nuan reached out to grab her elbow. "Song Qingchun, do you dare to entertain me in a bet or not?"

Song Qingchun frowned and after a pause, turned to look at Tang Nuan.