Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 179

Chapter 179: The Most Silent Love 9
Chapter 179: The Most Silent Love (9)
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However, it was physically impossible for him to save Song Qingchun; unlike Qin Yinan, he was too far away from her. Unlike Tang Nuan, Su Zhinian had no interest in knowing who Qin Yinan would save, who he really cared about. He was not willing to take this bet because he was unable to live with the possible results of this bet.

If Qin Yinan chose Song Qingchun, of course, that would be best. If he chose Tang Nuan Su Zhinian did not dare to complete that train of thought. Therefore, without hesitation, he directly controlled Qin Yinan's consciousness to charge at Song Qingchun.

Then, the heavy pot fell directly on Qin Yinan's head.

An indiscernible pain also shot through Su Zhinian's body. The pain was so acute that it took his breath away. He almost collapsed on the spot. Then, he felt a sticky liquid flow down the side of his ears as the sound of Song Qingchun's anxious shouts floated into his ears. "Brother Yinan! Brother Yinan!"

As if shocked by electricity, Su Zhinian stumbled back into the elevator. Through the closing doors, he noticed the anxiety and guilt on Song Qingchun's face as she stared at Qin Yinan.

Su Zhinian screwed his eyes shut from the pain and vertigo. He pressed a random button for the elevator floor and slid down the elevator wall weakly. He knew he needed to get to the hospital to stop the blood loss. He pulled out his phone, intending to give Cheng Qingchong a call; however, his addled brain made him press the first number that came into his mind. The phone rang for a long time, but no one picked up. Through much difficulty, he pulled the phone before his eyes, and as the words slowly came into focus, he realized he had called "The person hiding in my memory". Then, the call was disconnected since no one answered.

Su Zhinian felt his focus give. Keeping his eyes open was too tiring, so he closed them. As he did so, Song Qingchun's voice from downstairs drifted clearly into his ears.

"Tang Nuan, I'm telling you, you'd better pray that nothing happens to Brother Yinan, or else I will never forgive you!" Following that was the sound of a resounding slap.

Then, it was the sound of Song Qingchun asking the restaurant waiter anxiously, "Where's the ambulance? Why hasn't it arrived yet? The blood is still flowing, do you have a first aid kit at the restaurant?"

"The ambulance is here? Thank goodness Please save Brother Yinan I'm also going to the hospital"

"Brother Yinan, hang in there"

Then her voice petered to a silence; she had probably gotten into the ambulance and left.

A bitter smile appeared on Su Zhinian's handsome face. What was he hoping for? The first number that he called was hers

Even though he knew it was because of his intervention that Qin Yinan saved Song Qingchun, from her perspective, it was Qin Yinan who saved her; therefore, it was only natural for her to be worried about her Brother Yinan.

However that did not stop the pain that surged through his heart.

Tingting, do you know?

I've spent all these years quietly watching over you, protecting you just like this.

I can only love you from afar since I am forbidden from loving you.

Su Zhinian's smile gradually faded until it was not even noticeable anymore as his consciousness weakened, and he tumbled into the dark abyss.

When Su Zhinian woke up, he was already at the hospital.