Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 18

Chapter 18: His Three Secrets 8
Chapter 18: His Three Secrets (8)
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Initially, she still used her hand to brush off the snow that had fallen on her, but as the snowfall grew heavier and the snow collected on her body quicker than she could brush off, she just gave up. She pulled the sleeves of her coat up further and allowed the snow to pile on her. It took barely a moment for her hair and shoulders to collect a white sheen of snow.

Su Zhinian frowned unconsciously. His eyes that seemed to focus on the document would occasionally wander to look out the window.

Song Qingchun changed her pose because she was tired from maintaining the same posture. As she moved, her eyes swept across the floor-length window of the caf opposite from her, and through the glass, she caught a familiar figure sitting within.

Song Qingchun was stunned, and the first thought that cropped up in her mind was that she must be seeing things. Ever since their parting at Eldorado, she had been trying to accost him at the entrance of his company, and this was the first time she had seen him

As Song Qingchun was lost in her thoughts, Su Zhinian suddenly turned his head. His gaze slowly fell on her and their eyes met.

Even though it was through a glass window, Song Qingchun could sense clearly the chill in his eyes. It forced Song Qingchun to unconsciously lower her eyes. When she lifted her eyes again, Su Zhinian had turned back to his document. His finger was on the service bell attached to the side of the table.

Very soon, a waiter walked over with a smile. It appeared that he was answering the service call. Su Zhinian's gaze did not leave his document. Through the glass, Song Qingchun could see his lips move. The waiter nodded with a smile at him. He then passed the sofa Su Zhinian was sitting in and walked to the window. After that, the waiter pulled down the drapes to completely block his sight of her.

He said that he did not want her to appear in his sight again, so even though he was indoors, and she was outdoors and was not even in the same physical space as he was, he still had the waiter draw down the drapes, to block her view, to draw the line of their relationship.

The heavy drapes covered the large window completely; the patrons within had no possibility of seeing the scenery outside.

Tang Nuo thought for a moment when he noticed Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun were looking at each other that Su Zhinian would go and look for Song Qingchun, but after the shared gaze that lasted for about half a minute, Su Zhinian turned his head back with indifference. He even called the waiter to draw the curtain as he went back to his document like nothing had happened.

Tang Nuo who could not stand it anymore finally asked, "Aren't you going out to take a look? You're going to let her continue waiting in the cold?"

Su Zhinian turned a deaf ear to his question. Tang Nuo shrugged and kept his opinion to himself. Then, he pulled out a laptop to do his own work.

After an hour had passed, Tang Nuo finished his work. He raised his eyes to massage his tired shoulders. He was going to call the waiter for another refill when he realized Su Zhinian opposite him was staring directly at the lamp on the table like he had lost his mind.

Tang Nuo frowned. "What's wrong?"

Su Zhinian did not respond. It was as if he was completely focused on listening to something.

"What are you doing?" Tang Nuo waved his hand in front of Su Zhinian to catch his attention.