Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 180

Chapter 180: The Most Silent Love 10
Chapter 180: The Most Silent Love (10)
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He was called into being by Song Qingchun's voice. "You have to get better soon"

However, when he opened his eyes, his bedside was empty. Su Zhinian sat up from bed, and he almost crumpled over from another shot of pain due to the sudden movement.

He looked around and saw only an empty room.

Was I hallucinating or dreaming? As he thought so, Su Zhinian heard Song Qingchun's voice again. "Please wake up soon"

Su Zhinian frowned slightly, and this time, she said, "Brother Yinan"

Brother Yinan These two words cleared Su Zhinian's mind immediately. This was such a coincidence; he was staying at the same hospital as Qin Yinan.

Su Zhinian glanced at the watch on his wrist. It was nearly 7:30 pm. He had been unconscious for five hours, and Song Qingchun had stayed by Qin Yinan's side for these five hours?

"CEO Su, you're awake?" The door to his room was pushed open, and Cheng Qingchong walked in, interrupting his thoughts.

Su Zhinian raised his eyes to look at Cheng Qingchong and lay back down in his bed without saying a word.

"CEO Su, what happened to you? How did you get the serious wound on the back of your head?" Cheng Qingchong placed the medicine on the table and moved to check Su Zhinian's glucose drip. It was running out, so she pressed the service bell on the wall.

She did not pursue the question since she noticed he had no intention of explaining. However, her heart was still beating from fear.

He was found in the elevator with his whole shirt dyed red from a copious amount of blood. She was still trying her best to comfort the client when she received the news. Dropping everything, she immediately rushed him to the hospital.

At the time, his breath was so weak that she thought he wouldn't be able to make it

The doctor arrived at the room, answering the service call. He inspected Su Zhinian's body and confirmed that he was doing fine.

Cheng Qingchong opened her lips to suggest, "CEO Su, how about you stay at the hospital for a few more days for observation?"

Su Zhinian did not answer. Instead, he stared at the ceiling with a rather hazy gaze. He was listening to Song Qingchun.

"Brother Yinan, are you feeling better? Do you know who I am? Brother Yinan, you scared me. I've ordered some porridge for you; it'll be here soon. You have to eat"

So, Qin Yinan had woken up.

"CEO Su?" Cheng Qingchong began again. Before she could finish the sentence, Su Zhinian suddenly ordered in an icy tone, "I need to go home!"

Cheng Qingchong was startled, and she tried to advise him against it. "CEO Su, your wounds still need medical attention, and the drip hasn't even finished yet. Even if you'd prefer to recover at home, you need to at least stay for tonight"

Su Zhinian suddenly raised his hands to pull the IV drip from his arm. Ignoring the globules of blood, he pulled out the coverlet. When he passed Cheng Qingchong, he ordered through his lips that were slightly shaking, "Get me home, get me home this instant!"

Not long after Qin Yinan woke up, Uncle Qin and Auntie Qin arrived at the hospital.

Now that his parents were there to take care of him, Qin Yinan advised Song Qingchun, who had been taking care of him for the whole afternoon, to go home and take a break. Uncle and Auntie Qin agreed with their son.

Unable to win an argument against three mouths, Song Qingchun finally left the hospital at 9 pm.

She pulled out her phone to check and was shocked to realize she had several missed calls. One of them had even come from Su Zhinian