Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Sharing The Same Bed 2
Chapter 182: Sharing the Same Bed (2)
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"Mr. Su?"

Song Qingchun stopped before Su Zhinian and called his name. Realizing he still showed no signs of replying, she reached in further to look at his name. She was shocked to realize the extreme pain that painted his face; his lips were startling white, and a dangerous looking hue of red was burning up his fair skin.

His rapid breathing was amplified by the silence of the room. His breaths were labored like he had severe trouble breathing.

Song Qingchun frowned with worry as she extended her hand to lightly feel Su Zhinian's forehead. Her hand flinched as if burnt.

Why is he burning up so badly? It's like the temperature of boiling water.

"Su Zhinian? Su Zhinian!" Song Qingchun reached out to shake his shoulders, and her voice that called his name became much louder. In the urgency of the moment, she directly called him by name.

However, the man did not show any signs of rousing. Due to her violent shaking, his suit jacket that was not buttoned slipped from his shoulders, revealing a white shirt that was covered with bloodstain underneath.

Song Qingchun was rattled. She peeled off his shirt with trembling fingers and sighed slightly when she confirmed there was no visible wound on his body. She inspected other parts of his body, and it was then that she discovered the bandage on the right side of his head.

The white bandage was already soaked through with blood. In fact, she now realized there was even bloodstains on the sofa.

Where did this head injury come from? And it looks as serious as Brother Yinan's wounds Plus, he is suffering from such high fever, is he even in mortal danger in such a state?

Song Qingchun remembered that Auntie Sun, before she left, had told her that Su Zhinian had a family doctor. She could contact him should Su Zhinian require any medical attention. Therefore, Song Qingchun hurriedly pulled her phone out of her purse and scrolled through her contact list. Finally, she found the name 'Doctor Xia'.

After calling Doctor Xia, Song Qingchun used every bit of energy in her to drag Su Zhinian upstairs and into his bed.

First, she peeled his bloodied clothes away and used a warm towel to wipe the dried blood on his body away. Then, she found a thick comforter to cover his body.

Five minutes later, Song Qingchun heard the sound of a car's horn coming from downstairs. She stared through the bedroom window to confirm it did come from the bungalow entrance. She dashed downstairs to fetch Doctor Xia.

Doctor Xia was a white-haired gentleman who looked to be in his sixties, but his gait matched someone half his age.

He had already asked many things about Su Zhinian on the phone, so he arrived with his doctor's equipment, which Song Qingchun helped haul to Su Zhinian's bedroom.

Doctor Xia inspected Su Zhinian for almost half an hour before removing his mask.

Song Qingchun, who was holding vigil in the bedroom, stood up to ask, "Doctor Xia, how is Mr. Su doing?"

"Thankfully, his wounds have been cleaned before, so there is no infection. I've re-bandaged him, but before the wounds fully recovers, there is bound to be some blood loss. However, generally speaking, he is doing better than he looks. Regardless, we have to do something about his fever because it might harm his recovery. I have to attach a drip on him."

Doctor Xia pulled out various medicines from his medical bag and started mixing them into the glucose water. Then, he hung the IV bag from a simple scaffold and aimed the needle head accurately into the blood vessel on the back of Su Zhinian's right arm.