Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Sharing The Same Bed 3
Chapter 183: Sharing the Same Bed (3)
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Doctor Xia then used a band-aid to secure the needle. When he raised his head to look at Song Qingchun and noticed her pale face. He consoled her kindly, thinking she was worried for Su Zhinian. "Little girl, don't worry, he'll be fine."

In reality, she was less worried, more spooked. He wouldn't wake up no matter how loudly she called his name, and his fever showed no signs of retreating; it felt like he was dying. Regardless, Song Qingchun did relax after hearing the steadfastness in Doctor Xia's voice. She smiled at Doctor Xia. She asked him to rest as she went downstairs to fetch him a glass of water.

Su Zhinian's IV drip would last for at least three hours. Due to his advanced age, Doctor Xia started to doze off on the sofa after the first hour.

Even though Song Qingchun had not been to medical school, she did learn how to deal with IV drips from the nurses when she stayed at the hospital to look after Song Menghwa.

Afraid that Doctor Xia might catch a cold sitting there in the bedroom, she said, "Doctor Xia, I'll go clean up the guest room for you to stay in. I'll look after him; I know how to change the drip, don't worry."

"You know how to do that?" Doctor Xia asked with surprise. When Song Qingchun nodded in reply, he stood up to stretch before he walked to Su Zhinian to check his vitals. "Since you know how to change drip, I think I will go home first. At my age, it's impossible to fall asleep in another bed. His situation has stabilized, and I believe his fever will be gone around midnight"

Doctor Xia rummaged through his medical bag to produce several bottles of medicine. He placed them before Song Qingchun to explain to her how to properly take them. "These medicines must be had after the three major meals every day for a whole week. I'll be back tomorrow night to change the drip and medicine."

"Thank you, Doctor Xia." Song Qingchun sent Doctor Xia out, and as the senior doctor climbed into his car, Song Qingchun added, "Drive carefully."

"Get back in there, the person upstairs needs your attention more than I do." Doctor Xia pointed at the second floor as he started the engine.

Song Qingchun waited until the car left the bungalow before turning into the house.

The television in the bedroom was still open. It was playing a commercial; the drama she was watching had already finished. Song Qingchun sat on the sofa and grabbed the remote to flip through the channel. In the end, she decided there was nothing interesting on, so she turned off the television.

When Doctor Xia was still around, at least she had someone to talk to, but now that the senior doctor was gone, without the background noise from the television, the room appeared exceptionally lonely and cheerless. Song Qingchun sat blanking out on the sofa for some time before turning to look at Su Zhinian.

The man was still unconscious, and the liquid in the first drip was almost reaching bottom.

Song Qingchun stood up to wait beside his bed. After changing the drip bag, it was already almost 11 pm. Song Qingchun started to feel drowsy, and she was afraid she might fall asleep sitting in the comfy sofa, so she just stood beside the bed.

The room was so quiet that Song Qingchun could hear the sound of the liquid flowing through the drip.

She stared at the drip for a while before moving her gaze to the bed and finally settling on Su Zhinian's face.

In her memory, this was the first time she had seen him in a vulnerable state.

His pale skin was practically transparent, and his exquisite features were devoid of life. His painting-like face now looked like a delicate yet lifeless and soulless sculpture.