Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Sharing The Same Bed 4
Chapter 184: Sharing the Same Bed (4)
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Probably due to his discomfort, he kept mumbling and moaning incoherently. His brows were in deeply furrowed, and his face was a picture of sickness and fatigue. It made him look so vulnerable.

However, even in this state, his handsomeness was still quite impressive. Song Qingchun was not ashamed to admit she often judged people based on looks alone. Both Song Cheng and Qin Yinan were handsome men, so her standards had always been high.

In high-school, Su Zhinian, who transferred over to her school, outshone Song Cheng and Qin Yinan; she had been greatly dissatisfied with that. In her mind, Qin Yinan was the most handsome guy in the world, but when she saw Su Zhinian in person, she had to admit, he was indeed an otherworldly beauty!

Even after her innocence was taken away when she was 18, and her hatred toward him had solidified into a permanent scar on her heart, whenever someone talked about how handsome some random new idol was, she could not help but mock them internally; they were not as handsome as he was.

The ill Su Zhinian lost his usual unapproachableness and instead gained a sense of vulnerability that endeared him to others.

Song Qingchun could not help but study his face until she lost track of time and started entertaining some random thoughts in her mind. No wonder those girls all fall head over heels for him, after all, he does have a ridiculously handsome face. This does make me wonder what kind of woman he would be into Then again, his personality is such a turn-off; I pity the woman who will end up as his wife and have to suffer his abrasive personality.

Song Qingchun was pulled out of her reverie when a murmur drifted into her ears. It was from Su Zhinian, but it was too soft for her to make out what it was.

However, this did make her think about her earlier thoughts. Why would she care about the kind of woman he liked? It had nothing to do with her. After all, no matter who he ended up with, it would not be her.

Song Qingchun shook her head forcefully, attempting to shake those thoughts out of her mind. Then she turned to look at the IV bag; half of the bag was already gone.

Song Qingchun paced around the bed due to boredom. Twenty minutes later, the drip finally emptied. She squatted down beside his bed and removed the pillow supporting his arm like the nurse had taught her. She used the cotton to press on the back of Su Zhinian's hand. She held it there until the blood stopped, then she retrieved a band-aid from the bedside table and pasted it over the needle wound.

Doctor Xia reminded her before he left that if his fever still remained after 3 am, she was to call him. Therefore, Song Qingchun used her hand to feel Su Zhinian's forehead. He was still burning, but it was better than before. She set an alarm before pulling over the sofa to sit beside his bed. She intended to get forty winks before the alarm woke her up to check his temperature, and after that, she would return to her own bedroom.

Song Qingchun had a hard time falling asleep on the sofa. In her half-asleep state, she heard Su Zhinian's voice. She woke up immediately and leaned closer to his mouth. She managed to discern one word. "Water."

She rushed to pour him a glass of water and helped him drink it as he drifted in and out of consciousness.