Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Sharing The Same Bed 6
Chapter 186: Sharing the Same Bed (6)
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His hug hurt her slightly, which made her want to escape from his embrace. However, before she could do that, he lowered his head and snuggled into her neck and smiled. Then his head playfully rubbed against hers, and he started chuckling like he had found something greatly satisfying.

Song Qingchun's struggle stopped and she turned to look at Su Zhinian after several seconds.

Her shoulder pillowed the man's head. His eyes were closed, and his brows relaxed with ease. His pale lips were parted in a toothy grin to reveal his pearly whites.

His smile was like the sun on a summer's day, exceptionally warm and bright. This version of Su Zhinian was completely different from the normal Su Zhinian. He was practically radiating a soft glow, endearing himself to everyone in a close vicinity, whereas normally, it felt like he was looking down on everyone from far away, even though he was just standing before them.

Song Qingchun was lost, staring at him. However, his smile soon dissipated, and the curve of his lips turned into a frown. "I wish I could hug you like this my whole life But I know you wouldn't want that, you still hate me deep down in your heart and can't wait to get as far away from me as you can, right?

"I've spent my whole life trying to find you, so why don't you remember me"

Fog seemed to fall over his face like a veil. He tightened his arms around her and did not say anything more.

This hug was like the look he gave her that night before leaving her bedroom; it made her nervous and agitated for some unknown reason.

Song Qingchun had no idea what he was talking about. Her eyes that looked at his closed eyelids were filled with confusion. Eventually, she chalked it up to his fever talking. However, she felt, from his way of speech and expression, that those words were meant for her, but he said that she had forgotten him; that didn't sound like her.

The room was quiet except for the sound of their breathing tangling together.

After who knows how long, a whispered comment began again. "But no matter what, it is already more than enough that I am able to hug you like this once."

Then, he slowly released his arms around Song Qingchun. They slowly reached for her arms on his waist and gradually moved them from his body.

He really did wish to hug her forever until the sun died and the world ended, but even in his sickness, he did not dare to indulge too long in his dream.

He placed her arms back beside her body and moved his body further away from her. There was suddenly a great distance between them on the bed. Then he said, "Thank you so much"

His lips curved into a gentle and sincere smile. The short hug just now seemed to have fulfilled his greatest wish in the world. His face was a picture of satisfaction.

His smile seemed to glow from within, but for some reason, Song Qingchun swore she could see the endless sorrow hiding behind it, and her heart started to pound with a dull ache.

She hated to be close to him. She should have turned to escape his bedroom after he let her go, but for some reason she could not explain, she once again crawled into his embrace.