Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Sharing The Same Bed 7
Chapter 187: Sharing the Same Bed (7)
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His whole body quivered, and the man lay there quietly without any reaction.

Song Qingchun held her breath from nerves. She could hear her heartbeat like her heart could jump out of her throat at any moment.

After a long time, Su Zhinian suddenly reached out to hug her. He pulled her in so forcefully that she felt her back breaking.

Song Qingchun grimaced from pain, but she did not struggle. Then, she could hear him mumble beside her ear several times, "Tingting Tingting"

Every time he called Tingting's name, Song Qingchun could discern a different type of emotion behind it; there was pain, love, helplessness, and more

Who is this Tingting? The person he likes? So those words earlier were meant for Tingting as well?

She remembered the sentence she had accidentally seen in his diary: 'I've expended three lifetimes to find you, and now I will use another to make you my wife.' Such a beautiful promise was made to this girl by the name of 'Tingting' as well?

The night quieted down. Song Qingchun could sense that Su Zhinian's temperature had gone down. Perhaps because this was the first time she had shared a bed with a man, she had trouble going to sleep. Her eyes were closed, but her brain was working in overdrive.

Her body, caught in his embrace, was unable to relax. Regardless, drowsiness eventually came as the night drew on, and her consciousness started to falter. Just as she was falling asleep, the alarm rang.

She peeled open her eyes with great effort to switch off the alarm before reaching out to feel Su Zhinian's temperature. His fever was gone. Due to extreme drowsiness, she returned to slumber without thinking of much else.

In the morning, the first ray of the winter sun filtered through the window and hit Su Zhinian on his face. He opened his eyes.

He felt like he had slept for a very long time and had experience a very beautiful dream, one involving her.

Su Zhinian stared at the snow-white ceiling, reminiscing about his dream, before stretching his body. It was then that he realized the anomaly in the room.

Song Qingchun was asleep using his shoulder, and her palm was lightly placed on his chest. One of his arms were snaked around her neck, and another was holding her waist.

This intimate pose stunned Su Zhinian for a long time before the reality from the night before slowly came back to him.

He frowned slightly and remembered he had sent his secretary away at the hospital and returned home alone. After he reached home, he had only managed to drag his weakened body through the front door before collapsing on the living room sofa.

His head had been in extreme pain, and his heart had been racing, but he had refused to go to sleep.

He was waiting, waiting for the clock to strike seven, but even when it did, she still hadn't returned. Finally, he could not hold on any longer and fainted in the living room.

But now, he found himself in his bedroom, and she was lying beside him

Su Zhinian scanned the room and noticed the several bottles of medicine on the table and the new band-aid on the back of his arm. Underneath it was a needle wound that was recovering.

So, it was not a dream.

Su Zhinian did not get out of bed but stared lazily at Song Qingchun. His eyes deepened with emotions like he was trying to carve this beautiful moment into his heart for life.