Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 19

Chapter 19: His Three Secrets 9
Chapter 19: His Three Secrets (9)
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Su Zhinian recovered and answered mildly, "It's nothing."

Then, he concentrated on his hearing again. The sound of the howling wind, the soft crunch of snow under people's footsteps, the shrill car horns and the sound of her breath as she blew out to warm her hands.

After the waiter filled Tang Nuo's cup, Tang Nuo looked at his watch to check the time. Then, he scurried to the window and lifted a corner of it to look out. "The snow still hasn't stopped, huh?"

Tang Nuo cursed under his breath due to the bad weather and then he commented with shock, "Song Qingchun is still here, why? Has she lost her mind, waiting so long in such heavy snow? Even I'm impressed by her patience and determination"

As he finished, Su Zhinian could hear clearly a heavy sneeze by Song Qingchun beside his ear. His hands that grabbed at the document tightened.

Tang Nuo sighed heavily and put down the curtain with a heavy shake of his head. Pitying the girl, he could not help but ask, "Why won't you help her?"

The moment he said that, he remembered how dark Su Zhinian's expression had become when he mentioned Song Qingchun a few days ago and he instantly realized he had accidentally stepped on Su Zhinian's taboo topic. He smiled at Su Zhinian in an attempt to placate, and noticing the document Su Zhinian had been holding, he made use of it to quickly change the subject. "By the way, what is this? I notice you have reading it for days already"

Then, Tang Nuo stretched his neck to take a peek at the document. Before Tang Nuo could even see a word, like he'd been shocked by electricity, Su Zhinian slammed the folder closed, stood up wordlessly, and stormed out the caf with ire.

As Su Zhinian stepped outside, he made a call to have his people drive his car to the entrance of the company. He then passed the lobby and exited the company.

Song Qingchun, who had been watching the company entrance, quickly hailed a taxi when she saw Su Zhinian get into his car.

Even though it wasn't rush hour, the traffic was still a bit slow due to the snow. Therefore, Song Qingchun did not lose Su Zhinian. Su Zhinian's car finally stopped before a private club house.

This club house was one of the high scale club houses in Beijing. It had a European architecture style that was as incredible as the entrance fee. Song Qingchun was once a VIP member, the total number of times she had visited the place was in the hundreds.

If this was a few years ago, she could waltz into the club house to approach Su Zhinian with no issue, but now she was no longer a VIP. After Song Cheng's suicide, Song Empire started its decline, where would she find time and money for recreation like this? Therefore, when the club house informed her to renew the annual membership last month, she chose to decline.

Song Qingchun waited until Su Zhinian entered the club house before she exited the taxi. Song Empire was going to have its shareholders' meeting next week. If she could not find someone capable to take over Song Empire, Song Empire would disappear from this world like its previous CEO.

Therefore, no matter what, Song Qingchun had to meet Su Zhinian that day. Song Qingchun steeled herself with a deep breath and walked to stand beside Su Zhinian's car.

Since he came in a ride, he had to use the car when he wanted to return. Therefore, if she planted herself beside his car, she would eventually meet him.