Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Learning How To Stop Loving You 1
Chapter 191: Learning How to Stop Loving You (1)
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Doctor Xia returned to check Su Zhinian at around 3 pm. Like the previous day, he left after changing the bandage for him and reapplying the drip.

After lunch, Su Zhinian leaned against the headboard and used his arm that was not attached to the drip to work on his laptop, which he had retrieved earlier from the study.

Song Qingchun did not dare leave as she was afraid Su Zhinian might collapse causing back-blow of blood. Therefore, she planted herself on the carpet and placed her laptop on the coffee table and started to play.

Su Zhinian's bungalow faced the southern side, so the room was bright from the copious amount of afternoon sun. He was reading a work document while she was playing a game.

Even though each of them was caught in their own isolated world and had no interaction, the general atmosphere in the room was peaceful and comfortable.

Due to his injury, Su Zhinian's stamina was worse than usual. He had to stop due to a mounting headache after staring at the screen for about an hour. He placed the laptop to the side and turned to study Song Qingchun.

The girl was oddly concentrated on her computer; her right hand pressed the mouse continuously while her left hand flew over the keyboard.

The headphones she was wearing were playing a song. He could pick up part of the rhythm; it was something very familiar, a song he swore he know.

The girl was very expressive. She would smile, pout, bite her lips, and even hum along to the music in her ears. "We have all been forgotten, all have been forgotten for a long time. Time is a roadside thief"

Looking at this scene, Su Zhinian's lips unconsciously curved into a smile. He prayed for time to stop so that he could stay in that moment forever.

Song Qingchun would occasionally turn to glance at Su Zhinian's drip. Whenever she did, Su Zhinian would close his eyes, pretending to sleep. When she turned back, he would open his eyes to continue studying her.

After this was repeated several times, lulled by the effect of the medicine, Su Zhinian truly fell asleep.

When he opened his eyes next, the drip had been changed.

Probably because her legs were numb from sitting on the floor for too long, Song Qingchun had moved onto the sofa, still engrossed in her game. However, her expression appeared to be troubled. Her finger kept pressing the same button on the keyboard, and her lips grumbled, "What's happening? It used to work before, so why hasn't it worked this time?"

Su Zhinian frowned and could not help but ask, "What's wrong?"

Song Qingchun raised her head from behind the laptop screen. "Mr. Su, you're awake?"

Su Zhinian nodded slightly before his gaze fell on her laptop again. Song Qingchun explained quickly, "My laptop suddenly died; I couldn't get it to restart no matter what."

Su Zhinian moved in his bed and offered, "Let me take a look at it"

"You also know how to fix computers?" Song Qingchun asked in shock as she slid off the sofa and walked to Su Zhinian hugging her laptop.

Su Zhinian nodded as he accepted the laptop. He pressed two keys on the keyboard and a series of English letters appeared on screen. His fingers worked on the keyboard quickly and added lightly, "I know a little."

Before long, Song Qingchun's laptop was fixed.