Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Learning How To Stop Loving You 3
Chapter 193: Learning How to Stop Loving You (3)
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When Su Zhinian heard her answer, his fingers obviously shook. Even his face twitched with emotion. However, that was quickly suppressed by his will power, and it returned to his normal expressionless features.

Only he knew the scale of turmoil that had been raised internally.

He was awfully familiar with this game because it was the only game he had ever played in his life.

This particular game had been world famous before; it was the precursor for many similar type games. Years later, it had lost some of its popularity, but it still enjoyed quite a large player base.

However, he was surprised to find Song Qingchun was still playing it after so many years.

This game was the game he had taught her to play during that year he stayed at her house.

For Su Zhinian, who had been forced to repeat a grade, schoolwork was easy. Hence, he had plenty of spare time on his hands. At the time, the popularity of this game had been at its height, many people had recommended it, and the advertisements for it had been everywhere. The game company had also hired a famous celebrity as the ambassador. Bored and with nothing better to do, Su Zhinian had downloaded the game to pass the time.

It had not been his intention to become the best player and rule the entire gaming world, but it had just happened, and he had not been prepared for her to find out.

One of the reasons for the game's huge popularity was the gorgeous character modelling. Furthermore, one could tweak the attire and facial features to one's preference. It was why the game was popular among the female crowd as well.

Song Qingchun had been attracted to the game when she saw the clothes and jewelry offered in game. Initially, she had started off standing beside him, watching him play. Eventually, she had lugged her laptop to him and told him to help her download the game.

Like most games, the game offered tutorials for beginner, but Song Qingchun refused to use them since she could just ask Su Zhinian.

At the time, he had already accepted private work, but even though he might have been working, he would put down everything to patiently teach her how to play whenever she came to him for help.

If described in gaming terms, she would be his disciple.

Due to the nightmares he had experienced as a child, he was not good at social events. Therefore, he was deeply appreciative of this game because it provided a non-intrusive channel to communicate with her.

In the game, he played a male character, and she played a female character. In the end, they even got married in game.

He was a much better player than she was; he could solo many impossible in-game bosses. She had often been envious of him because she wasn't able to get many items she wanted, and she had not possessed enough in-game gold to purchase them from the player market. Initially, she would annoy him daily, asking him to gift them to her.

He would pretend not to notice every time, hoping that it would make her talk to him longer. Eventually, he would give her the items or equipment that she wanted.

After that repeated itself of many times, she had started to demand more and more. Whenever she spotted anything that she wanted on his character, she would use his computer to log into his character and transfer stuff that she wanted to her character.

After the transaction was completed, she would run back to her computer and fire off a message to his in-game inbox saying, "Thank you for your kindness!"

Then she would run back to his computer to reply, "You're welcome!"

Perhaps she had begun to feel that her actions were getting a bit too shameless, so she had started finding some really laughable reasons to excuse her actions.