Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Learning How To Stop Loving You 4
Chapter 194: Learning How to Stop Loving You (4)
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Her excuses had been different every time, but there was one excuse that he would always remember clearly.

It was a spring afternoon; the day was bright and the flowers in the Song family's garden were in full bloom.

She was sitting on the balcony. She stretched lazily, tired from playing all morning. She noticed he was on the phone, so she made use of the opening to access his computer and start gifting herself stuff.

Just as she was about to wrap things up, he hung up and walked toward her. She lifted her head and grinned calculatedly at him. Then, she uttered the most shameless excuse ever. "You're my husband, and everything that belongs to the husband belongs to the wife as well."

When he heard that sentence, his body froze to the spot like someone had screwed his feet to the ground.

After she transferred half of his in-game gold to her account, as if afraid that he might yell at her, she escaped to her bedroom, hugging her laptop.

That day, he stood for a long time at the balcony. It was not until the sun started to set that he dragged his tired body to sit in front his computer. He then saw the message that she had sent to his in-game character. "Thank you, my husbando."

He looked at the two words, 'my husbando', for a long time, his heart crashing with emotions. It was only after a very long time that he typed a reply. "You're welcome, my waifu."

She replied with a shy emoji before adding, "Let's change to a couple's name. Every couple in game has one of those."

He gave an "okay", and then she went completely silent. About half an hour later, she sent him two names: 'Zhinian-Qingchun' and 'Qingchun-Zhinian' 1 .

Such a beautiful memory, but when he thought back on it, Su Zhinian's heart only felt a great pain because

Su Zhinian's lips moved slightly and sucked in a deep breath to prepare for the rest of the memory to return.

"But due to work and the things that have been going on, I don't play as often as before"

Song Qingchun noticed Su Zhinian had gone completely silent while looking at her computer; it appeared he was deep in thought. She added that observation, trying to get his attention so that she could get her laptop back, but when she reached for the laptop, she too suddenly got weirdly silent.

It was he who had taught her how to play the game. They had even gotten married in-game, which had been great fun.

To celebrate the occasion, she had even given out in-game gold to players in the same server, and of course, that gold came from his account.

She had 'borrowed' many pieces of legendary equipment from his account and became the queen of the gaming world. She would cut down any players that rubbed her the wrong way. However, she would still occasionally lose to skilled players, even though she was decked out in the best equipment because she had never earned them herself. However, that was completely fine because her in game husbando was the best player of that game, and he would always help her take revenge.

At the time, everyone in game had bowed down to her.

However, later after she kicked him out of her house in real life, she had cut all ties from him in-game. She had divorced him and returned every single piece of equipment she had taken from him. Since he had refused to take them back, she had tossed them out like rubbish and blacklisted him as a player in game.