Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Learning How To Stop Loving You 6
Chapter 196: Learning How to Stop Loving You (6)
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That departure meant they did not see each other for a long time.

Su Zhinian bowed his head, coming out of his memory. Then, through contact with Song Qingchun's body, he realized the girl was also thinking about the same thing. With a nervous heart, she was thinking, Why would I bring up the fact that I've played less of this game compared to before for no reason? I'm just purposely pulling at old scabs, aren't I? What if this irked Maniac Su and he suddenly decides to bring up my late return last night?

The atmosphere in the room froze due to the awkward silence from both parties.

Su Zhinian moved his gaze away from the game icon, and to smooth over the mood as well as to make her relax, he changed the subject. "What level are you now in the game?"

Song Qingchun was obviously feeling uncomfortable because she answered after a long pause in a soft voice, "Level 183."

"That's quite high." Su Zhinian closed the laptop, placed it to the side, and reclined back down the bed. In an attempt to make conversation, he continued, "I've not opened my account for a long time; I can't even remember what level I was."

His tone was still cold, but at least the usual pressure in it was already gone.

Su Zhinian had not touched the game ever since she blacklisted him. After all, the only reason he had continued playing in the first place was because of her.

A hue of sadness cropped up in Su Zhinian's gaze. After three seconds of sadness, he said, "I remember there have been two big updates to the game, right?"

"Hmm" Perhaps because of the serene expression on Su Zhinian's face, like he was not affected like the words she said before, Song Qingchun sighed in relief, and her words flowed more easily. "But the basics haven't changed. Certain levels are harder to accomplish. In fact, this level I've been farming has taken me half a month, and until now I still haven't beaten it."

"It's that difficult?" Su Zhinian asked, but before Song Qingchun could answer, he said, "Let me take a look at it."

Then he picked up her laptop once more and logged into the game. Looking through Song Qingchun's quest menu, he pointed at one and asked, "This level?"

Song Qingchun had no idea what Su Zhinian was up to. She looked at him with some confusion before nodding.

"Wait a minute," Su Zhinian said as he took up the keyboard again. He looked at the game code closely like he was researching it. Then he downloaded a software and started writing a program.

Song Qingchun waited quietly and did not disturb him. She had no idea what was happening on her computer, so she turned her attention to the drip bag.

When the bag was empty, the room was still filled with the sound of Su Zhinian's typing.

Song Qingchun said softly, "Mr. Su, I'm going to help you take out the needle."

Su Zhinian answered with a "hmm" without taking his eyes off the computer screen. Song Qingchun squatted down beside the bed and removed the needle in one smooth motion, then she pressed on the needle wound with a cotton swab.

Her palm just so happened to lay on top of his fingers, which caused Su Zhinian's typing to stop for a minute. He turned to look at her for about five seconds before continuing with his work.

Song Qingchun pasted the band-aid on the back of his hand. When she stood up, Su Zhinian stopped typing and announced, "Done."