Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Learning How To Stop Loving You 7
Chapter 197: Learning How to Stop Loving You (7)
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Su Zhinian turned the screen to face Song Qingchun. His tapered finger tapped on the touch pad, and a piece of software popped up. "Try this patcher and see whether your game is easier."

Patcher? He was writing so much codes just now to create a patcher? But doesn't that require a certain amount of skill and time? It has taken him less than one hour to finish writing it!

Song Qingchun looked at Su Zhinian with disbelief before squatting down beside his bed and logging into the game. She started the level that she had been stuck on for half a month.

Even though the patcher was rushed, the interface was easy to understand. However, since this was the first time Song Qingchun had used something like it, Su Zhinian leaned away from the headboard to guide her whenever she needed help. After she got into it, Su Zhinian became silent as he studied the smile that had appeared on her profile. His fingers slowly moved to the band-aid on the back of his hand, to the spot that she had touched moments earlier.

When Song Qingchun was trying out the patcher, she was mighty impressed by Su Zhinian, but when she managed to kill the boss that she had been stuck on for the past half month in less than one minute, she had real admiration for Su Zhinian!

As she picked up the chests dropped by the boss, she wheezed out in disbelief, "The level has become so easy now? This patcher is too much of a cheat! Su"

Song Qingchun wanted to say, Su Zhinian, you're a God!

However, before she could finish, Su Zhinian interrupted her in a nonchalant tone, "Why don't you try to pick up another quest?"

Song Qingchun followed Su Zhinian's suggestion and accepted a new quest. This quest was not difficult, and with the aid from Su Zhinian's patcher, it became a breeze. However, the final boss was a sudden quiz; it tested the player's esoteric knowledge of the game's world. There was not only a time limit, a wrong answer would also send the player back to question one!

Games these days are really becoming more and more insane, Song Qingchun grumbled internally as she started the quiz.

Song Qingchun had a habit of reading the questions out loud. The first few questions were easy; she knew all the answers. However, as the questions got harder and Song Qingchun was about to Google them, Su Zhinian suddenly provided her with the answer.

As the timer drew to a close, Su Zhinian straightened up in bed and leaned forward to look at her computer screen. Before Song Qingchun could read the question, he had already given the answer. Later, perhaps annoyed that Song Qingchun's fingers moved too slowly, he extended his arms to snake around Song Qingchun's shoulder to help her answer the quiz.

Song Qingchun's attention was completely dominated by the game, so she did not notice the compromising position they were in.

As the questions flew across the screen, her admiration toward Su Zhinian increased. Just what kind of brain does he have? I haven't even finished reading the questions, and he's already given the answer. The scariest thing is that, so far, there have been no mistakes!