Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Living With A Temperamental Adonis 2
Chapter 2: Living With a Temperamental Adonis (2)
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When Auntie Sun brought the cup of coffee into the main bedroom, Su Zhinian had finished showering and had changed into a casual outfit. He stood motionlessly staring out the full-length window in his room.

Su Zhinian was still radiating a cold aura that deterred human contact, but his facial expression was unusually calm, as if the barbaric cruelty earlier was just a mirage.

"Mr. Su, your coffee." Auntie Sun set the coffee down on the small round table of the balcony. Su Zhinian did not give any reaction, as though he did not hear Auntie Sun.

Auntie Sun stood for a while longer before saying, "Miss Song arrived around sunset and had been waiting for about seven hours."

Su Zhinian still did not give any reply. The bedroom was unusually silent. After some hesitation, Auntie Sun continued, "Mr. Su, did you and Miss Song have an argument at some point?"

Su Zhinian still turned a deaf ear to Auntie Sun.

"Mr. Su, you stayed at Miss Song's for quite some time before and had always shared a good relationship, so how come you treated her like your nemesis when you saw her today?" Before Auntie Sun could continue, Su Zhinian, who was staring outside the window, stated in a mild tone that sounded like he was describing his breakfast if not for the forcefulness in his words, "Do you wish to be outside in the chilling winter as well like her?"

Auntie Sun was immediately scared into silence. She apologized as she lowered her head and rapidly retreated out of his bedroom. The silence in the room returned and Su Zhinian stared out the window at a streetlight not far away.

Song Qingchun, who was standing under its weak ray, was fidgeting frenetically to bring her body some warmth. She would occasionally cup her palms over her mouth to breathe into it. Eventually, Song Qingchun managed to hail a passing cab, got into it, and left.

Until the cab disappeared over the horizon, Su Zhinian still stood at the window without moving a muscle, staring at the street lamp, a far-away look in his eyes.

It was not until the piping hot coffee had turned cold that Su Zhinian blinked his tired eyes and Auntie Sun's question floated into his mind.

Mr. Su, you stayed at Miss Song's for quite some time before and had always shared a good relationship, so how come you treated her like your nemesis when you saw her today?

Indeed He was once a guest at her house and during that period had even accidentally taken from her the most important thing for a teenage girl. So, how did they even end up as nemeses?

Song Qingchun's appearance was like an interlude that could be easily ignored, it did not have much influence on Su Zhinian. The next day, he woke up, had his breakfast, and drove to work like usual. After finishing his hectic morning of work, he and a few managers were going to have lunch at the caf across from his company.

Su Zhinian came out of his private elevator and was accosted by the company's financial manager for his signature.

Su Zhinian was then immediately crowded by the other managers. He stood before the elevator calmly and slowly went through the many documents offered to him. After ensuring they had no problem, he signed them quickly and walked towards the company's main entrance. The few managers in suit and tie followed behind him.

As Su Zhinian passed, the greeting 'Good afternoon, CEO Su' rang incessantly. When Su Zhinian reached the entrance, he saw a familiar shadow standing before him.

It was her, Song Qingchun who he had tossed out of his house yesterday