Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 20

Chapter 20: His Three Secrets 10
Chapter 20: His Three Secrets (10)
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Prosper Corp was having a small get-together at the club house. After Su Zhinian made his social round, he excused himself and retreated to the balcony that was relatively quiet. The snow had stopped, and Beijing appeared to have been given a white coat of paint.

Actually, it was not in his itinerary to attend the get-together, but when he heard Song Qingchun tell the taxi driver, "Please follow that car in front that has the car plate that ends with 00," he thought about it and decided to come to this club house.

She was the place's VIP, so she must be waiting for him sitting on the lobby's sofa. Suddenly, Su Zhinian wondered, what was that woman up to at this moment?

Su Zhinian swirled the wine glass in his hand and took a small sip of red wine. Then, he focused completely on his hearing. Various sounds drifted into his ears, the sound of car brakes, the underground rails, trains, airplanes, announcements, music and various conservations.

"It's so cold and snowing, I don't feel like going out. Let's cancel our date tonight and move it to another date"

"Honey, I am reaching the hotel lobby, where did you say you were waiting for me?"

"I don't want to break up with you, can't you give me one more chance? I really cannot lose you"

Su Zhinian was unable to pick up Song Qingchun's voice from the cacophony. Su Zhinian waited for a while longer but still he did not hear Song Qingchun, however he did hear someone mention the name 'Song Qingchun'.

"CEO Zhang, when I entered the club house, I saw you conversing with a young woman at the entrance. She looks pretty, who is she? Your new lover?"

"No, she's from Song Empire, Song Menghwa's daughter, her name is Song Qingchun."

"Song Menghwa's daughter? Why did she approach you?"

"She has no money but wants to get into my club house. She begged me to give her special permission for this once considering the years she has been this club house's VIP."

Su Zhinian's brows creased to a frown. Song Qingchun is no longer this club house's VIP?

Then, CEO Zhang's tone that was rife with disgust and derision floated into his ear. "Does she not realize the condition Song Empire is in? She really still thinks she is the Song family's cherished daughter, where does she get the idea that someone like her can still waltz into my club house? She should have known by now the world has changed"

There was an eerie cruelty that twisted Su Zhinian's features.

CEO Zhang continued to mock her. "Who is she to think I will make an exception for her? If not for her pretty face and young body, I would not have even talked to her"

Su Zhinian's eyes narrowed dangerously. CEO Zhang behind him, who was in the middle of retelling the story, suddenly pressed down hard on the wine glass in his right hand, squishing it into pieces. The glass pieces pierced into his palm and blood started to pour.

Then, CEO Zhang's ear-splitting cries shattered the relative peace of the room. "Help me! Help me!"

"CEO Zhang, what happened to you, why did you grip the wine glass in your hand so hard?"

"I have no idea what happened. I felt like, just for one second, I lost control over my body and Ouch, ouch, ouch Quick get me a doctor"

Su Zhinian ignored the chaotic scene, stuck his right hand into his trousers pocket, and strode out of the room with no clear emotion on his face.