Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Learning How To Stop Loving You 10
Chapter 200: Learning How to Stop Loving You (10)
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She paused at the door before heading in. She passed the dessert to Su Zhinian and said, "Mr. Su, this is a red date soup, drink it, it's an antianemic."

Su Zhinian pulled back his gaze back from the window and nodded at Song Qingchun. He accepted the bowl and stirred the soup with the spoon. Just as he raised the soup to his lips, his eyes accidentally swept over the laptop beside him, and he added coldly, "It's ready."

Song Qingchun replied, "Thank you."

Then she clicked open her laptop and found the 99 emails she had deleted appearing in her previously empty inbox. She stared at them for about two seconds and closed the laptop without clicking one open to check the content.

Su Zhinian's chewed and tasted the dessert quickly with his head bowed. His expression was light and reserved; however, Song Qingchun could feel the sadness radiating off him.

What happened? He looked so happy earlier

Song Qingchun deliberated in her heart whether or not to do something to cheer him up. Then she opened her lips to say, "I just realized how perfectly capable you are"

Song Qingchun started listing off his talents on her fingers as she named them one by one. "A genius in the business world, an incredible computer technician, a quiz whiz When we were at school, you could play the piano and saxophone. Now that I think about it, you're also very good at sports, like basketball and football, and I believe you were the first-place winner for our school's hundred-meter sprint, right?"

She can still remember the things from so long ago?

Su Zhinian's mood started to improve. Even though she said he was so capable, he felt so useless because his emotions were so easily influenced by her words. She had him completely in her palm.

"Also, you're a good gamer." She counted a lot, and perhaps because she had run out of idea, she blurted, "You're so good at making money too!

"You really can do anything and everything!"

Song Qingchun noticed the smile in Su Zhinian's eyes, and she asked half-jokingly, "This does make me curious, is there anything that you do not know how to do in this world?"

When Su Zhinian heard that question, his hand stopped moving before letting the spoon drop with a clink. He stared at the red dates floating in the bowl before slowly raising his head to look at Song Qingchun and answered after a short pause. "There is."

Her intention had been to lighten the mood, but when she heard Su Zhinian's answer, her interest was piqued. She stared at him with a face full of interest. "What is that?"

Su Zhinian looked at Song Qingchun silently, but his heart had already given the answer. I do not know how to stop loving you.

With his superpowers, he was indeed blessed with many advantages. His memory was better than normal, and that helped greatly when he wanted to pick up a new skill. There was truly nothing that he was unable to learn.

However, that was one skill that had always eluded him.

That was his inability to stop loving her.

Ever since he had found out about that secret and given her the cheque, the moment he left her house, he really did promise himself to stop loving her.

But certain love would only get clearer the more one wanted to get away from it.