Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 201

Chapter 201: 99 Declarations Of Love 1
Chapter 201: 99 Declarations of Love (1)
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Like an apparition, she haunted his every dream and waking hour. He had tried many methods to make himself stop thinking about her, to stop caring about her, to stop loving her.

But he had only managed to torment himself. In the end, he had given up on the impossible and instead learned to how to protect her from the shadows. It was through this that he managed to stand up once more.

Su Zhinian's silence lasted from so long that Song Qingchun could not help but urge him, "What is it that you do not know how to do?"

Su Zhinian's eyes wandered before they focused on Song Qingchun's eyes. After a long time, he answered in a toneless manner, "I do not know how to give birth."

Song Qingchun looked at him for quite some time. Her eyes blinked several times before she turned her head away in anger!

Is he toying with me? Of course I know he wouldn't know how to give birth!

Then Song Qingchun felt rattled. Wait a minute, did Su Zhinian, that ice-king, just tell a joke?

Su Zhinian smiled lightly, watching Song Qingchun's humorous reaction, before lowering his head to finish the rest of the dessert and handing the empty bowl back to Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun glanced at the clock to realize it was already 7 pm; it was time to prepare dinner.

Song Qingchun accepted the bowl and added, " I will return to the kitchen to prepare dinner."

Su Zhinian nodded wordlessly.

He waited until Song Qingchun had left his bedroom and the sound of cooking started in the kitchen before he moved to his own computer and opened it.

He opened the browser and searched through his email. After he keyed in his address and password, the inbox revealed 99 emails; they were all from Song Qingchun.

He stared at the emails quietly for a long time before clicking the sent panel. Similarly, there were another 99 emails; the recipient was Song Qingchun for all of them.

That's right; the person who had been corresponding with Song Qingchun in that year Qin Yinan was in military had not been Qin Yinan but Su Zhinian.

It was not his intention to pretend to be Qin Yinan, but it was because Song Qingchun had sent an email to Qin Yinan and had been waiting for a reply. No reply had come for a whole month.

He could not stand watching her unhappiness, so he had hacked into Qin Yinan's email account and used Qin Yinan's name to reply to her.

She had been overjoyed when she received the mail; she had replied on the night she got it. From the lines of words, he could discern the overflowing care, love, and longing she had for Qin Yinan.

Every single email he received from her had been a session of torture; he was both happy and sad.

Happy that he could get an update on her life, how she had been doing, who she got into an argument with, the wallet she had accidentally dropped on the way home, the new outfits and bags she had bought.

Sad that all those details were meant for Qin Yinan's ears.

99 emails were proof that he had been there for an entire year, quietly and loyally.

The 99 emails also contained a secret known only to Su Zhinian. In his replies in the name of Qin Yinan, the word count for each email was similar every time.

Removing the punctuation, there would be 520 Chinese characters.

Not one more, not one less.

520. 1

99 emails, 99 declarations of 'I love you.'

He had been using his own way through Qin Yinan's email to tell her again and again, "I love you."