Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 202

Chapter 202: 99 Declarations Of Love 2
Chapter 202: 99 Declarations of Love (2)
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Footsteps approached his door, but Su Zhinian, who was caught up in his memory, did not realize it until Song Qingchun pushed open the door and walked to his bedside. He quickly closed the browser and returned to the desktop.

"Mr. Su, do you wish to have noodles or rice for dinner?" Song Qingchun had a pink apron on, with lace trimmings and a giant bow on the front. It made her look cute and young.

Su Zhinian, out of habit, wanted to say that anything was fine, but he caught himself and uttered, "Noodles."

Song Qingchun replied with a smiling, "Okay."

Then she swiftly turned to leave his bedroom.

Su Zhinian looked at the empty doorway for a long time before turning back to his computer screen. It was playing a screen saver.

It was a screen capture from the game, which he had taken when they were both still playing it. The virtual background was of a verdant nature; he stood alone on top of a boulder, his sword in hand and a cute fairy pet floated above his shoulder. Behind him, she squatted beside a river, the flower bed rising up to cover her legs, and her pet, a spirit cat, was rolling and jumping in a circle around her.

They had spent a whole afternoon completing a quest chain and happened upon this secluded, picturesque area.

At the time, the game had been at the height of its popularity and players were everywhere. However, at that moment, there had only been the two of them there. Even though it was a virtual world, he had felt a surfeit of peacefulness and happiness. Without realizing what he had done, his finger had reached for the screen capture button.

He had upgraded and gone through many computers over the years, but he had never left this screen capture behind.

If not for the group picture taken at the Student Council President's party, this was probably only the only picture he had of both of them.

After three days of rest, Su Zhinian was feeling much better.

On the last day, as Doctor Xia collected all the IV bags, he reminded Song Qingchun to make sure Su Zhinian had his daily medicine and replenished the medicine on his head injury every time he changed the bandage. He also needed to wait for another three days before he could wash his hair.

Su Zhinian, who was feeling better, returned to his study to catch up on work that night.

After cleaning the dining room, Song Qingchun was reminded of the order Su Zhinian had given her that afternoon. She turned away from her bedroom and went instead into his bedroom to find the bloodied attire from the dirty laundry bucket.

Song Qingchun could tell that the attire was custom made, and the price must have been expensive. It could still be worn after a wash, but Sanitary Su had ordered her to throw it away!

Such a waste, Song Qingchun grumbled internally. She rolled up the dress pants and tossed them into the trash bag. As she was going to do the same to the shirt, her gaze fell on the corner of the shirt, and she frowned. She pulled the shirt taut and realized that, even though the whole right-hand side of the shirt was dyed red, the left side was completely clean, except for a pool of clear, dried liquid near the chest. There were dirt marks around the water stain, two blobs of darkness above and a daub of red below.

Her woman's instincts told her that the red was the color of lipstick or lip-gloss.

A woman's interest in anything gossipy made Song Qingchun pull the stain closer to her eyes. She studied it carefully and confirmed it was the color of lip-gloss, and the black blob was the result of ruined mascara.