Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 203

Chapter 203: 99 Declarations Of Love 3
Chapter 203: 99 Declarations of Love (3)
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There was only one possibility for a woman's make-up to be ruined, and that was water

However, what woman would crawl into someone's chest just right after washing her face

Song Qingchun frowned in contemplation before realizing with a start that the woman had most likely been crying!

In other words, the stain was a tear stain?

She had stayed at his place for so long; she had not seen him on the phone with a woman much less brought a woman home. Only his work friends would call him on the landline. This meant that Song Qingchun had been under the impression that he had no female friends that he was privately close to, but then, he had allowed this woman to cry on his chest, so obviously she had been wrong.

Wait Could this be that girl, Tingting ?

The night he fainted, he had called out for 'Tingting' for so many times. Through his fevered mutterings, Song Qingchun could tell he was deeply in love with this 'Tingting'. However, unfortunately, the love seemed to be one-sided.

When Su Zhinian transferred to her high-school, he had instantly become the most popular kid in school. Everyone had been talking about him, and he had been shrouded in a mysterious hue. He was rumored to be inhumanely perfect; however, for Song Qingchun at the time, she had been completely uninterested in Su Zhinian.

Even later, when he moved into Song Qingchun, she had never taken an earnest interest in him. Since she did not care about him, she had never thought to learn his likes or dislikes, much less venture into his world.

However, after the five years, during which the distance between them had slowly grown wider, she found herself interested and curious in his romantic life. Only, she herself was not aware to this silent change.

Song Qingchun knew too little about Su Zhinian, so even though she racked her brain for a long time, she was unable to tell who this 'Tingting' was. As she mulled over it, she curled the shirt around her arms to roll it up before tossing it into the trash bag.

As she did so, the smell on the shirt drifted into her nose. The smell of blood, his body scent, the pungent smell of antibiotics, and a faded perfume.

This perfume smelled incredibly familiar, like she had smelled it somewhere before.

Song Qingchun stopped what she was doing, unfurled the shirt, and sniffed at it carefully.

His scent was the most concentrated at the sleeves, the smell of blood was the heaviest on the right-hand side of the shirt, and the antibiotics were most pungent on the back. However, the perfume she had smelled earlier disappeared.

Song Qingchun continued to sniff at his shirt, and after some time, she finally caught that smell again. It was confirmed the perfume came from the stain around the left of his shirt.

In other words, this was the perfume worn by the woman who cried in his embrace? But why is this perfume smell so familiar? Like I've smelled it somewhere before, no, like I smell this almost every day. This means that the Tingting he likes is someone I know?

Song Qingchun thought about it, biting her fingernails. She could not figure out a possible candidate for 'Tingting' in her circle of friends. When she removed her hand away from her face, she was blasted in the face by a whiff of the similar perfume. She sniffed the air and was shocked to realize the perfume came from her own wrist.

Song Qingchun widened her eyes in shock and sniffed her wrist and the shirt alternately multiple times, and then she confirmed that they were indeed the same brand of perfume!