Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 206

Chapter 206: 99 Declarations Of Love 6
Chapter 206: 99 Declarations of Love (6)
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She could feel the pain just from looking at it, so she was exceptionally light and careful as she went about her business. Just as Doctor Xia had taught her, she cleaned the wounds, then applied the ointment quickly and efficiently, but she slowed down as she retied the bandage.

Su Zhinian did not notice this change in her speed; he was focused on his work. It was when Song Qingchun's thoughts poured into his mind through her fingers on his scalp that he started to frown.

How come his wound looks so familiar? Hmm It looks just like the wound on Brother Yinan's head. I was there when the doctor was examining and cleaning up Brother Yinan's wound. How come the size and placement of the wounds My god, now that I think about it, the wounds on Su Zhinian are completely similar to Brother Yinan's.

Su Zhinian's expression turned serious, and the document rumpled under his forceful grip. He tried his best to maintain his composure as he asked as nonchalantly as he could, "You done?"

Song Qingchun was pulled out of her thoughts and hurried to finish fixing the bandage. However, her mind kept going back to that curiosity. I remember when I asked him how he got injured a few days ago, he told me he had an accident but how can there be such a coincidence that he suffered the same type of injury as Brother Yinan?

Su Zhinian did not say anything and focused completely on following Song Qingchun's thoughts.

As Song Qingchun tied up the last bandage, she could not help herself and asked softly, "Mr. Su, can I ask you a question?"

Su Zhinian, who had seen this coming, paused for a few seconds before replying. "What is it?"

"Er Did you have lunch at Beijing restaurant the western side of town a few days ago?"

There were simply too many coincidences. His shirt had the same scent as her perfume and a lip-gloss stain similar to hers, and then there were the wounds on his head. Her instincts told her, something bigger was at work.

Crap I forgot to deal with the various evidence left on my shirt when I comforted her inside the bathroom that day.

Su Zhinian's heart shook with fear. He tried his best to maintain his poker-face as he cleared his throat to reply. "I don't think so."

No? Song Qingchun had her suspicions.

Su Zhinian, who should have been sweating in his seat, managed to stay calm because he was able to read Song Qingchun's mind thanks to his superpowers, and he turned the question around on Song Qingchun. "Why would you ask that?"

"I" Song Qingchun stammered before Su Zhinian's question.

Even though her instincts told her that there were simply too many curious coincidences, there were also simply too many things that could not be explained.

After all, she had seen how Qin Yinan had covered her with his body, and she had personally locked the bathroom door and unlocked it before she left. So it was likely that all the coincidences she had noticed to do with Su Zhinian were really just that, coincidences.

Song Qingchun was silent for a long time, so Su Zhinian urged her with a "Hmm?" as he flipped another page of the document.

She quickly answered, "No, nothing important, it was just that I thought I saw you at the restaurant that day"

After a brief pause, Song Qingchun added, "Then where were you having lunch that day that you suffered from such serious injury?"