Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 208

Chapter 208: 99 Declarations Of Love 8
Chapter 208: 99 Declarations of Love (8)
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The residential area Su Zhinian's bungalow mostly consisted of villas and bungalows. There were no apartment complexes to spoil the beautiful view of the city.

The night was still young, but due to the cold weather, the residential area was quiet except for the occasional roaring of wind.

The sub-zero temperature soon froze Song Qingchun throughout. She shivered involuntarily but the cold did help to clear her mind.

Regarding the coincidences that night, since she was unable to come to a conclusion then, she decided to put it on the backburner; eventually, the answer would show itself.

Song Qingchun leaned on the railing, staring at the sole cypress on the patio, and for some reason, her mind wandered to Qin Yinan.

These few days, she had been keeping in constant contact with Qin Yinan over the phone, and he had been recovering well and would return to work tomorrow.

Probably due to her focus on Su Zhinian for the past few days, she did not have the time to sort out her real feelings at the bottom of her heart. Now that Su Zhinian was busy and she had some time alone, she decided no time was better than now.

Actually, when Tang Nuan told her about the whole "literal poetry book club" incident, she had half a mind to tell Qin Yinan everything, but she chose not to do in the end because she did not have the heart to see her Brother Yinan suffer from having loved the wrong person for so many years.

Who knew Tang Nuan would come up with the crazy test to let her see how Qin Yinan practically sacrificed his life to save her

Before the incident, Song Qingchun had truly been on her way of giving up on him. He was her childhood dream, but dreams were dreams only because they couldn't be realized.

But now, her dream appeared to have a chance of becoming reality. After all, this was twenty years' worth of feelings; they could not be forgotten so easily.

Song Qingchun had to admit, the heart that had almost shriveled completely was rejuvenated. However, this time, she did not want to repeat her old mistake anymore of dragging it out endlessly, because that was simply too taxing

Some people say the hardest thing was having the one you love not love you back, but Song Qingchun felt that was wrong; the hardest thing was the lack of courage to confess to someone you love and being stuck in that twilight zone of acceptance or rejection.

She did not wish for herself to end up in that horrible state again.

After losing Song Cheng, she was no longer the little princess who everyone cherished; for Song Cheng who truly loved his sister with all his heart, she refused to let him see her torturing herself in that state of limbo.

Therefore, over the past few days, when she had been alone late at night, she had steeled her resolve to confess to Qin Yinan and tell him the whole truth about the notes in Xu Zhimo's books.

If he accepted, then perhaps they might have a future together. If he rejected, then she could finally convince herself to treat him as nothing more than a friend.

Her mind was made up, but putting it into motion still required that bit of courage and guts. Three days had passed, and she still hadn't made a move.

Song Qingchun sighed under her breath and tilted her head as she focused on a single lamppost out on the street. Perhaps it was the melancholy of the moment, but she grumbled to herself, "Should I confess to Brother Yinan?

"Yes or no? No or yes? If no, will I be able to live without knowing the answer

"So, I should go, what's the worst that could happen? There are only two possible outcomes, either together forever or forever stranger!"