Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Her Love Has Returned 1
Chapter 21: Her Love has Returned (1)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

After Su Zhinian stepped into the elevator, the attendant asked respectfully, "Sir, which floor do you wish to go to?"

Su Zhinian answered softly, "First floor."

The attendant smiled at Su Zhinian before pressing the '1' button and the 'Close' button in one smooth motion. The heavy metallic door closed slowly, and the elevator started to descend. When they reached the fifth floor, Su Zhinian suddenly heard a familiar voice in his ears. It was a very weak moan by Song Qingchun.

Su Zhinian frowned deeply and concentrated on her voice, but he could no longer hear her. Agitated, Su Zhinian raised his left hand to repeatedly press on the '4' button. The elevator stopped and opened at the fourth floor. Su Zhinian stood immobile in the elevator, not moving a muscle.

The attendant turned around with a confused look and opened her lips to ask, "Sir, do you wish to"

"Stop talking!" Su Zhinian ordered in a harsh and rude tone. The attendant grimaced and subconsciously took one step back.

About ten second later, Song Qingchun's weak voice floated into Su Zhinian's ears again, "Hmm Pain"

Su Zhinian swiped at the 'Close' button with lightning speed. When the elevator opened at first floor, Su Zhinian dashed out of the elevator before the attendant could say anything.

Song Qingchun squatted beside Su Zhinian's car. Her hands were forcefully pressed on the lower abdomen of her stomach and she was moaning weakly. The icy wind was howling, and her body could not stop shaking from the bone-piercing chill.

When she was in high school and had her first period, Song Qingchun realized she had dysmenorrhea because she had a cold constitution. It was only after a long habituation period using Chinese medicine that her condition got better.

It had been about four to five years since she had a painful period, but perhaps it was due to her recent constant exposure to the cold that her inveterate disease returned.

That night, it felt like her abdomen was going to explode as pain shot through her body. The pain that attempted to tear her open from within grew until a state where she felt like she was losing her consciousness. Song Qingchun had no idea how long she could still hold on, but no matter what, she had to wait for Su Zhinian to show

Another wintry breeze swept through her shivering body, bringing with it a layer of snow. The snowflakes dropped on Song Qingchun and some fell through the open crevices of her clothes, and their icy touch on Song Qingchun's skin made her shiver even harder.

Just as Song Qingchun was losing her mind from the pain, a low voice suddenly floated down from above her. "What are you doing squatting here?"

Song Qingchun opened her eyes and saw a pair of male leather shoes before her. She paused as things registered in her mind before lifting her head to see Su Zhinian in a large black winter coat staring down at her with one of his hand in the coat pocket. He had finally appeared

Song Qingchun gritted her teeth, suppressed the pain from her stomach, and stood totteringly up. As she managed to straighten herself, another gust of breeze came and that combined with the shot of visceral pain from her lower abdomen almost knocked Song Qingchun off her feet.

She faltered but stayed standing by grabbing Su Zhinian's car door.

She looked at Su Zhinian with a face that was startlingly white and said, "CEO Su, I was waiting for you. I'm looking for you because I hope you will reconsider taking over Song Empire"