Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Warmth In The Heart 1
Chapter 211: Warmth in the Heart (1)
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Song Qingchun was rattled by her sudden discovery. She rushed to her study table and flipped on the table light. She studied the note again and realized it was true; it was not her imagination.

There were 18 'Qingchun's on the note, and all of them were written correctly!

Song Qingchun grabbed a book given to her by her brother and flipped open to the first page where he had written her name. She started to seriously compare the handwriting, and her heart chilled. The general frame was similar, but the details were different.

Due to the extreme similarity, Song Qingchun did not suspect the note's authenticity. If not for her accidental discovery, she probably wouldn't have found out about this discrepancy.

Song Qingchun was sure this note was not written by Song Cheng! This meant that Song Cheng did not leave a note; this note was faked. Therefore, Song Cheng's death

Song Qingchun shivered violently before she could continue with her hypothesis. The reality was slowly confirmed in her mind This was not a real suicide!

If it wasn't suicide, then it had to be a homicide!

Song Qingchun's hands moved involuntarily to cover her mouth. Her whole person was dropped into a spiral of panic. Five minutes later, anger started to blossom on her face.

Then who killed Song Cheng?

She would never forgive that person. Even though Song Cheng had been buried for almost five months, she would never rest until his murderer was discovered and his death avenged!

Song Qingchun grabbed the note and dashed out of the room. She was going to push open the door to Song Menghwa's bedroom when Fang Rou's gentle voice drifted from the corridor. "Qingchun, what's with the rush? What's going on?"

Song Qingchun turned to see Fang Rou, who was walking her away with a china bowl. She bit her lips; it was not until her sister-in-law was standing beside her that she pushed the note to her face and asked, pointing at her name, "Big Sister, look at this. This name is written correctly, right?"

"That's right," Fang Rou answered. She then raised her eyes and asked rather confusedly, "And what's wrong with that?"

After a short silence, Song Qingchun said in a shaking voice, "Whenever my brother wrote my name, he would always get it wrong!"

Fang Rou looked at Song Qingchun for a long time as the information slowly registered in her head. As if finally understanding the implications of Song Qingchun's words, the china bowl fell from her hands and hit the floor.

With a blanched face, she asked with utter disbelief, "You mean your brother didn't commit suicide?"

Song Qingchun nodded in confirmation.

"Then who killed him?" Fang Rou suddenly exclaimed with agitation as tears fell from her eyes like pearls from a broken necklace, one after another gliding down her face. "Who was so cruel as to murder him We mustn't let this be, let's tell Father!"

However, when Fang Rou's hand fell on the doorknob, she suddenly paused as if remembering something. "Qingchun, Father hasn't been doing so well over the last few days, if he was presented with this news"

Song Qingchun was hit by a harsh realization; yes, Song Menghwa might not survive another huge blow like this

"Qingchun, what do you think we should do?" Fang Rou asked helplessly.

Indeed, what should they do? The Song Family's pillars were herself and her sister-in-law, what could two women like them do? Song Qingchun felt helplessness weigh down on her, but suddenly, an idea came to her like light streaming through a haze of dark cloud.