Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Warmth In The Heart 2
Chapter 212: Warmth in the Heart (2)
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Qin Yinan.

This was probably how a woman's mind was wired; the first person to come into her mind when she was at her most helpless was normally the one that she loved.

Furthermore, the one that Song Qingchun loved was her Brother Yinan, who grew up with her and had absolute confidence and trust in her.

Song Qingchun's flustered heart calmed just thinking about Qin Yinan. She told Fang Rou in a firm voice, "Big Sister, I will go discuss this with Brother Yinan first. After all, he was in the military once, so he will be more knowledgeable about this than either of us."

Fang Rou was still crying silently. She wiped away her tears and nodded. "That's not a bad idea."

After a short pause, Fang Rou added, "Then, Qingchun, when do you plan to meet Yinan?"

Song Qingchun took out her phone to look at the time, then she said, "Today."

She carefully folded Song Cheng's 'suicide note' and put it inside her pocket as she said, "Brother Yinan will be on the southern side of the city today for land inspection. His company plans on opening a holiday villa there. I have no clue when he will return to the city. Since it's still early, I think I will drive over there to meet him personally."

Then, Song Qingchun turned to ask the butler, "Please help me ready the car."

"Yes, Young Miss," the butler replied as he went searching for the car key.

"Use my car, your car hasn't undergone its annual inspection; I doubt they will let you out of the city." Fang Rou had stopped crying, with a last sniffle, she said with renewed determination, "I will go get you the car key."

Fang Rou then left for her own bedroom. As she passed the stairs, she pointed at the spilled porridge in front of Song Menghwa's bedroom door and ordered the butler, "Remember to clean that up later."

In her original plan, Song Qingchun was going to confess to Qin Yinan that day, but there was a change of plan due to extenuating circumstances.

As she drove toward the highway, she realized that changes truly run faster than plans. She still had to meet Qin Yinan that day, but not for a confession, for something much more important.

Due to his head injury, Su Zhinian had taken a weeklong break from work. After removing the stitches from his wound that morning, Su Zhinian did not return to his home but went to Song Empire.

Along the way, he had Cheng Qingchong call all the Song Empire's administrators who were enjoying their weekend to go to the company for an emergency meeting.

He had tied up many loose ends when he first took over Song Empire, but during his week of absence, there were still some problems with operation. Even though they were handily settled by the newly elected vice-president Lin Zong, Su Zhinian was furious. He laid into everyone at the meeting, and everyone looked down at the table, not even having the courage to breathe audibly.

The meeting lasted for four hours, and when it was over, the roomful of people lay exhausted in their chairs and sighed collectively in relief.

Cheng Qingchong, who had been with Su Zhinian for many years and had her own ways of dealing with Su Zhinian's personality, also had to be extra careful that day.