Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Warmth In The Heart 3
Chapter 213: Warmth in the Heart (3)
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However, even so, she could not avoid being spurned by fire.

After the meeting was over, Cheng Qingchong looked at Su Zhinian's schedule and noticed there was a dinner that night. However, looking at the state Su Zhinian was in, she believed letting him return to 'the person hiding in his memory' might be a better idea, so when Su Zhinian asked for his schedule, she suggested probingly, "CEO Su, you just recovered from your injury, how about you cancel the dinner tonight and go home to rest?"

Before she finished, Su Zhinian slammed the document he was holding on the table and stood up from his chair. He pointed at the seat he had just vacated and said, "Is that so? Should I call you CEO Cheng then? Here, take this seat."

Cheng Qingchong was silenced by fear and lowered her head immediately.

Su Zhinian's freezing gaze shot through her, and he pointed at the door, yelling in a tyrannical manner, "Get out!"

Cheng Qingchong practically started moving the same instant he said the word "get". She ran out of his office without looking back.

Silence returned to his office, but perhaps due to the term 'go home' mentioned by Cheng Qingchong earlier, Su Zhinian stewed in a miasma of misery.

It is the weekend; that woman has gone to find her Qin Yinan, hasn't she? Has she confessed and was her confession successful? If it's successful, is she on a date with Qin Yinan? If it failed, is she hiding somewhere, crying alone?

Su Zhinian rubbed his tired eyes and reclined in his chair. He closed his eyes slowly and, after a while, raised his hands to block his eyes.

Time trickled past. The sky outside his window gradually darkened, and the bright lights of the city blinked into existence.

Su Zhinian maintained that posture for a long time.

Cheng Qingchong, who had been yelled at by Su Zhinian, hid in the break room and did not dare venture within a five-meter radius of his office.

At 8 pm, hearing no sounds from the office, Cheng Qingchong mustered her courage and went to his door to check up on him.

When she'd escaped from his office, she had been too flustered to close the door properly, so she pushed a sliver of the door open and peered in.

The atmosphere in the office was surprisingly peaceful. The man leaned in his chair like he was sleeping. The scene felt so peaceful that it seemed like that man who had yelled at everyone that afternoon was not the same man who was inside the office.

Just as Cheng Qingchong was hesitating whether or not to announce herself, Su Zhinian said lightly, as if he knew she was at his door, "What time is it already?"

Cheng Qingchong quickly pulled out her phone. She stepped into his office but stayed far away and answered carefully, "8 pm."

After a long silence, Su Zhinian answered with an "Oh."

Another long silence followed before he gave another response. However, he did not say anything. Instead, he stood up from his chair and dashed toward the bathroom.

Even though she was standing quite far from him, Cheng Qingchong saw the wetness on the back of Su Zhinian's palms that had been covering his eyes. Under the light of the crystal chandelier, they glistened brilliantly.

Cheng Qingchong's heart shrunk. Big Boss was crying?

Before she could recover from that discovery, Su Zhinian had exited the bathroom.