Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Warmth In The Heart 4
Chapter 214: Warmth in the Heart (4)
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The man's face was wet with water. His deep eyes were lacking emotion, just like the tone he used when speaking to her. "Dinner."

Cheng Qingchong quickly recovered. If not for the fact she had seen the tear stains on the back of his hands, she would not have believed that her Big Boss had emotions and could even cry.

Cheng Qingchong swallowed to calm her nerves and asked, "Where to?"

After a short pause, Su Zhinian answered, "Golden Corner."

This was the first and only outside dinner he had ever shared with her in the years they had known each other. It was during Christmas when he had even planned a lucky draw to hide the fact he was gifting her a lifetime complementary card.

At that hour, she should have been home already. If it were any other day, he would have returned home in a heartbeat, but that night, he was scared scared to find out if her confession was a success and if she was finally a couple with Qin Yinan.

He had never been a weak person, but when it came to dealing with her, he was the weakest man there ever was.

The only reason the holiday villa was going to be built at the northern side of town was due to its natural environment. It was quite difficult for the construction project to not ruin the natural beauty there.

The place was still undeveloped, so it did not have any hotels or even a hostel. Thus, Qin Yinan was staying at a village hostel about one kilometer away from the construction site.

During her chat with Qin Yinan, she knew the exact location of that hostel. However, the winding road of the mountains still proved quite a challenge to her before she finally found her way. She wanted to call Qin Yinan, but the signal was horrible in the mountains. She called multiple times, but there was no answer. Finally, Song Qingchun could only resign herself to using the road signs and the occasional people by the street. When she reached the village Qin Yinan was staying at, it was already almost 6 pm.

It was not really a hostel but a big house with empty rooms to spare. When Song Qingchun walked in, the female hostess thought she was a potential customer, so she greeted her passionately, a passion that visibly lessened when she found out Song Qingchun was there just to look for a person. She dropped an "I don't know" and went to continue her laundry, ignoring Song Qingchun.

In the end, it was a male occupant who pitied Song Qingchun, that told her, "You mentioned Qin Yinan? The handsome, tall young man? He left in his car for the city about two hours ago!"

"He has returned to the city?" Song Qingchun frowned. "But his project isn't due to finish until next Wednesday, right?"

"He left parts of the work to his colleague, who is playing cards in the house next door. He mentioned he has something to take care of in the city and will return tomorrow."

Song Qingchun called Qin Yinan on her phone, but there was still no answer. After thanking the man, Song Qingchun went back into her car and headed back toward the city.

The mountain roads were shorter than the high way, but due to the slopes and curves, she couldn't go fast.

The place was a desolate area; there was barely a soul walking along the road in the morning, much less at night. Along the way back, Song Qingchun never saw another car or person.

The winds outside whipped furiously. Song Qingchun's heart started to beat with fear as she drove alone in the darkened night. She couldn't wait to get on the highway and leave this bleak expanse of a forest road; however, God seemed to be out for her that night because her car suddenly died in the middle of nowhere.