Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Warmth In The Heart 5
Chapter 215: Warmth in the Heart (5)
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No matter how much Song Qingchun turned the ignition, it just wouldn't start.

Without the sound of the car, the wind scouring the forest outside the window was amplified. The surrounding mountains were a natural amplifier that increased the echoes of the wind and hollowed out Song Qingchun's heart.

Song Qingchun started to panic, but the car was like a broken toy placed along an uninhabited road. It did not respond to Song Qingchun's actions or prayers.

Due to the lack of power, the heater inside the car had also gone away. The temperature was dropping drastically. However, Song Qingchun did not feel the cold; in fact, she was breaking out in sweat.

She tried starting the car many times before giving up. She extended her phone high in the air, trying to get a signal to get onto the towing service's website. Alas, the connection was too weak.

With trembling fingers, Song Qingchun pushed open the door and got out. The icy wind hit her cold and hard in her face. There was no sign of human activity nearby.

Song Qingchun was not a scaredy-cat, but at that moment, it was as if her courage was completely depleted. She grabbed the flashlight from the trunk of her car and trudged further up the road, hoping the high altitude would get her a better signal. As she walked, her whole body was tense; even her legs were shaking greatly, like they could crumble at any given moment.

The hill on the slope looked close, but it still took Song Qingchun a full half an hour before she reached the top.

She glanced at her phone. There was better signal but no internet connection. That was better than nothing, because now at least she could call for help.

Just like how it was when she found out Song Cheng might not have committed suicide, the first name that popped into her mind at her direst time of need was Qin Yinan.

The low temperature froze her fingers, and it took multiple tries before she managed to key in Qin Yinan's number and call him.

Ever since she was a young girl, she go to Qin Yinan for help whenever she needed anything, and he would always be glad to lend his aid. This was a habit that had been ingrained in her.

Even now, before Qin Yinan picked up her call, she already felt she was saved. Her beating heart had calmed down quite a bit.

However, she was about to experience the feeling of being thrown from heaven to hell. This was worse than being sent directly to hell from Earth because, being sent from Earth didn't allow one to feel false hope.

This had happened on Song Qingchun because the person who answered Qin Yinan's phone was Tang Nuan.

"Hello, Song Qingchun."

Tang Nuan's voice was as gentle as ever, but in Song Qingchun's ears, they were like echoes from the deepest bowels of hell, freezing her completely. Her hand that hold the phone stopped moving before she recovered moments later. "Where's Brother Yinan?"

"He's taking a shower!" Tang Nuan said without shame. A single man and a single woman spending time in a same room in the middle of the night, and one of them was taking a shower

Of course, Song Qingchun understood the insinuation of Tang Nuan's words. Her fingers started to shake, and her soul seemed to escape from her eyes, which were turning blank.

Brother Yinan had saved her, reigniting her hope in him, but now, he and Tang Nuan

Song Qingchun felt a distinctive pain starting to claw through her body from the deepest part of her heart.