Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Warmth In The Heart 9
Chapter 219: Warmth in the Heart (9)
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The combination of the freezing wind and her continuous crying had drained Song Qingchun, and she felt light-headed, like she was suffering from a lack of oxygen in her brain. It was why she did not realize that her words did not sound like an explanation but more like her venting her personal frustration.

She continued 'explaining', but her words barely registered in Su Zhinian's ears because he was still hung up on the first few key terms that she had said: "car broke down" and "alone".

"Therefore, Mr. Su, I also have no idea when I will be able to reach home," Song Qingchun stammered.

Su Zhinian, who had been silent throughout, suddenly cut in with a question, "Are you on road 108?"

Song Qingchun couldn't catch up to Su Zhinian's train of thought, so she replied with a confused "hmm" before recovering and answering, "Yes."

"I am not far from you, wait for me."

Su Zhinian's sentence was short and to the point, toneless and emotionless, especially the last three words, it sounded like he was giving orders.

However, Song Qingchun had no idea that the moment she was said was "alone," Su Zhinian had already kicked the driver and Cheng Qingchong out. In fact, Cheng Qingchong did not even have time to grab her purse before Su Zhinian slammed the door and drove away.

Su Zhinian had violated so many traffic rules, breaking the speed limit, running red lights, and even occupying the lane specially meant for buses. With one hand on the steering wheel and another holding the phone, he masterfully weaved through the traffic, causing many drivers to roll down their windows and curse at him.

As if impervious to those curses, he stepped on the pedal as the car zipped toward the northern side of town.

He told me to wait for him So this means he is coming to fetch me?

Song Qingchun had a hard time believing what she had heard. It was after a long time that she slowly opened her mouth to respond, "Okay."

On the other end of the phone, Su Zhinian had already reached the highway. He wanted to hang up to focus on driving, but when he was reminded of the fact she was alone in the middle of nowhere, crying, his heart was suspended in a state of worry. Therefore, he said, "Don't hang up, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to locate you without your help."

"Okay," Song Qingchun answered softly, but she was unable to hear herself because her words were swallowed up by the wind, so she confirmed in a higher volume, "I understand."

Su Zhinian also responded with an "Okay." Since he was driving way over the speed limit, Su Zhinian's focus was mostly on the road, so the both of them stopped talking.

Beside his ear was the sound of rushing winds and the sound of her rubbing her hands together because of the cold.

Beside her ear was the sound of passing cars, and the occasional sound of him clearing his throat, probably from the dry air in his car.

Listening to those sounds, Song Qingchun's feeling of fear, sadness, anxiety, and helplessness gradually dissipated.

Even though she was still stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by darkness, she did not feel so afraid anymore. In fact, later, she even had the leisure to appreciate the beautiful stars-filled night sky as she unconsciously looked up into the sky.