Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Her Love Has Returned 2
Chapter 22: Her Love Has Returned (2)
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"We will pay you, but we can only give you 20,000,000 RMB for now, can we pay you in instalment for the rest"

"Get that idea out of your mind, told you I will never take over Song Empire." Su Zhinian's words were as chilling as the wind that blew through the city. It was as if he could not see the weakened state she was in and powered on without pity. "Before I lose my patience, I advise you to get out my face"

Before he could finish, Song Qingchun's body faltered and she collapsed forward. Su Zhinian reacted quickly to use his left hand to catch her waist. The physical contact meant that he was able to read the thoughts in her mind clearly.

Why did my period have to come today? Not only that, why did it have to be so painful

Then, Song Qingchun lost her consciousness and completely fainted.

Su Zhinian was driving with one hand on the stirring wheel and in the middle of a call with Auntie Sun.

"Tell Doctor Xia to come to the house," Su Zhinian ordered in a mild tone as his gaze fell on Song Qingchun, who was in the back seat, then he added, "No, get Doctor Xia to send a female doctor to the house No, I'm not sick, I have a woman with me that is sick"

Su Zhinian's tone became suddenly agitated. "No, this woman has nothing to do with me. I was passing by when I saw her fainting by the side of the road What kind of sickness?"

Su Zhinian paused for about ten seconds then quickly said "Period pain" at his phone, before hanging up without waiting for Auntie Sun's reply. Su Zhinian maintained his composure and his facial expression did not change much as he stared straight ahead and focused on his driving. However, soon after, a faint blush rose on his fair cheeks.

"Mr. Su." Auntie Sun put down the cup of coffee on his table after she pushed open the door to his study. She glanced at Su Zhinian, who was standing before the window, and opened her mouth to say, "I have just sent Doctor Xu away."

Su Zhinian noted with a faded "mm" without turning around.

"Miss Song was probably frozen by the cold weather and collapsed due to extreme pain. Doctor Xu gave her a shot and said she will recover after a good rest."

Su Zhinian nodded without saying a word.

"I have cleaned up the guest room, you can go rest there if you want."

"I know." Su Zhinian waved impatiently at Auntie Sun. Auntie Sun sensibly stopped talking and retreated out of the study.

After Su Zhinian confirmed that Auntie Sun had returned to her downstairs room, he walked to the sofa and pulled out his right hand that he had kept stuck in his pocket. The napkin bandage around his palm was already dyed a bloody red.

Su Zhinian tore the napkin off and tossed it into the dustbin. He then retrieved the disinfectant to clean his wounds. The pain made his brows furrow deeply and the disinfectant that dropped into the bin was a faded red.

Su Zhinian took a close look at his wounds; one part of his flesh was completely torn open and blood was still oozing out of it. CEO Zhang would have a similar wound on his hand.

Su Zhinian applied some ointment over the injury and used the cotton gauze to create a simple bandage.

Then he picked up the document next to him. It was the same document he was studying that afternoon at the company caf. The one that Tang Nuo said he had been studying for days.