Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Warmth In The Heart 10
Chapter 220: Warmth in the Heart (10)
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Unlike the city, the night sky in the mountains was not marred by light pollution. The full moon had broken through the clouds, lighting up the skies. Under such a dreamlike atmosphere, Song Qingchun heard Su Zhinian's voice drifted through the speaker. "You're outside the car?"

"Yes." Song Qingchun assumed he had asked that because he'd heard her footsteps on the asphalt.

"Isn't it cold?" His attention was distracted by driving, so the question sounded more like an afterthought than an actual concern. Even so, to Song Qingchun's ears, they sounded mellifluous; she believed only this man would be able to make an afterthought sound so touching.

With the phone raised to her ears, Song Qingchun looked up into the glittering night sky and breathed out her reply. "A bit"

It was actually quite cold, or else she wouldn't have been pacing around, trying to get some warmth back into her limbs.

After a long time, Su Zhinian's voice said, "Then, get into the car"

As he said so, Song Qingchun heard from his end the sharp sound of a car screeching to a halt and honking.

"What happened?" Song Qingchun asked anxiously. The lack of an answer worried Song Qingchun, so she questioned with added desperation, "Su Zhinian? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Su Zhinian finally responded. His voice was calm like the little incident earlier was just an imagination in Song Qingchun's mind. Then, she heard the sound of the car picking up speed and Su Zhinian saying, "Get back into the car, it's warmer in there. Be careful not to catch a cold."

Due to the fact he had almost gotten into a deadly accident, Su Zhinian did not dare to let his focus off the road; therefore, he did not realize he had let slipped that he was concerned about Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun had heard that sentence many times throughout her life, from Song Menghwa, Song Cheng, Qin Yinan, her butler, and her friends. This kind of concern was common among friends, but when it came out of Su Zhinian's mouth, for some reason, Song Qingchun felt something in her chest suddenly softened.

She was freezing, ravaged by the elements, but a warmth originating from her heart surged through her body.

Perhaps she was truly helpless at the time, so Su Zhinian's appearance was like a shaft of light in the dark, lighting up her despairing heart with hope. Therefore, her appreciation for his every word of concern was amplified and heightened.

She had known Qin Yinan since she was a little girl. In her heart, there was never an individual whose importance was greater than Qin Yinan's. Over these years, she had never given up on him, but that was only because he had never truly been a couple with Tang Nuan, but now their relationship had already been cemented by physical intimacy regardless of who he would love, she knew it was time to really let go.

Because she had promised herself that this was the last time she was going to put herself in a vulnerable position. A love triangle, for the sake of everyone, someone had to bow out.

Qin Yinan, who she had felt would always be there for her, had abandoned her when she needed him the most.

On the other hand, Su Zhinian, who she viewed as the bane of her life, had surprised her when she was at her lowest point.

A warmth flooded through her body like a tsunami swallowing an entire island.