Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Stingy For That 100 1
Chapter 221: Stingy for That 100 (1)
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A weird feeling that she had never experienced before started to flourish at the bottom of her heart.

Su Zhinian prompted her with a "hmm", since he still hadn't heard a reply from Song Qingchun after so long.

Song Qingchun was pulled back from her reverie. "What's wrong?"

Then, she realized what that "hmm" represented, so she quickly added, "It was because I got bored cooped up inside the car that I came out. I've been moving around, so it isn't that cold"

As she said so, a breeze lifted up and Song Qingchun's teeth started to chatter from the cold. Her lie was thus conveniently poked through by Mother Nature. Song Qingchun pouted and settled on another excuse. "Furthermore, the night sky here is really beautiful. I've spent my whole life in the city, I've never seen something as majestic as this except in internet stock photos."

Only that small hill on the road was able to get signal. If she returned to the car, the signal would be broken. She was alone in the middle of nowhere, so Song Qingchun chose to suffer the cold rather than face the emptiness alone. Furthermore, having this chat with Su Zhinian, listening to the various noises coming from his end, she felt weirdly comforted.

Su Zhinian knew Song Qingchun was lying, but he couldn't tell why. He stepped on the gas pedal, afraid that the girl was starting to lose her rationality in the cold.

She continued talking about how beautiful the night sky was. Afraid that she might feel awkward, Su Zhinian would occasionally reply with a "hmm."

Until the end, she probably had nothing else left to say, so when she heard his "hmm", she also replied with a "hmm." Thus, a game of sorts was started; he replied to her "hmm" with another "hmm", and the cycle continued. Eventually after this was repeated several times, she burst out laughing, and beyond that, he could pick up the sound of her feet tapping against the ground; she was probably pacing to get the temperature back into her legs.

After a period of mutual silence, she added, probably out of boredom, "Su Zhinian, can you turn on the radio in your car?"

"Okay." Su Zhinian then flipped on the radio. It was playing a radio drama that his driver was a fan of. Following Song Qingchun's request, Su Zhinian flipped the channel over to a music station. Worried that she was unable to hear it through the phone, Su Zhinian even tuned the volume up.

The late-night radio usually played classics. She hummed along to it as she jogged.

Noticing that the number of cars on the road was decreasing, Su Zhinian felt hope pour through his heart. It would normally take 4 hours from Su Zhinian's original location to reach where Song Qingchun was, but Su Zhinian had only used one hour and twenty minutes.

He continued on Road 108 for about ten minutes, and Su Zhinian could hear Song Qingchun doubly in his ears. One from his phone and another from down the mountain road.

The signal in the mountains was faltering. The call between Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun started to get choppy; even the songs on the radio were getting increasingly interrupted by white noise.

Thankfully, the sound of her repeated "Hello?" was getting closer to his ears.

When Su Zhinian turned another corner, there she was, standing alone by the side of the road, framed by his car's headlights.