Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Stingy For That 100 2
Chapter 222: Stingy for That 100 (2)
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Song Qingchun, who noticed the light, also turned around. Through the windshield, their eyes met.

Their call had already ended a long time ago, but he was still holding the phone to his ear singlehandedly. The moment their eyes met, even over the distance and through the blinding headlights, she managed to notice his features relax. In fact, it felt like she had seen the usual calm man sigh in relief, as if his greatest worry had been solved.

Song Qingchun's first impression was that she had seen wrongly. She blinked to get a better look, but Su Zhinian's car shot past her at extreme speed. She was blasted in the face with a harsh and sharp shot of wind. It reminded her of how he was as a person.

The car made a sharp U-turn further ahead and ground to a halt before Song Qingchun. Through the sound of tires chafing on asphalt, Song Qingchun could detect the smell of burnt rubber.

The car door was shoved open, and Su Zhinian jumped out. Without closing the door, he dashed at Song Qingchun.

His exit from the car was so abrupt that he didn't even take his jacket. He was in only a thin white shirt. The mountain gales ruffled his hair, and his skin was red from the frost in the wind.

Song Qingchun's brain short-circuited, watching Su Zhinian's large body approach her step by step. Her heart started to slow following his approach. When he stopped before her, her heart had stopped.

He was so much taller than her, so when he stood before her, he was shielding her completely front the raging winds. When he saw her tear-rimmed eyes, his brows unconsciously furrowed. He said in an emotionless tone, "Let's go."

History tends to repeat itself. Those two simple words caused fresh tears to reappear in Song Qingchun's eyes, and a memory buried deep was once again awakened in her mind.

She was reminded of that Christmas when she travelled across thousands of miles to find Qin Yinan but returned with a broken heart. It was such a winter night at the Beijing airport. Stranded without any money on her, she had merely wanted to try her luck by calling home, but he had rushed over to fetch her

At the time, he had not yet become a multi-millionaire, but his reaction down to the smallest of expression was awfully similar. The rushed brake, the open car door as he jumped down to fetch her, the "Let's go." that was said in a toneless manner with an impatient growl.

At the time, the young Song Qingchun had only felt appreciation toward him, but now, as the same thing repeated itself, Song Qingchun felt impossibly touched.

Su Zhinian frowned, noticing Song Qingchun hadn't moved from her spot. He prompted, "Why aren't you moving?"

She was still silent. There was an added trace of nervousness in Su Zhinian's next question. "Are you not feeling well?"

As he said so, he raised his hand to feel Song Qingchun's forehead.

Song Qingchun finally came to and shook her head at Su Zhinian. "I'm fine."

Then she lowered her head to hide the tears prickling her eyes. After a pause, she said in a gentle and soft whisper, "Let's go home."